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Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Lakshmi

One of my childhood dreams was to become an astrophysicist. Another was to become an adult. At the ripe age of 40, I'm still waiting on the adult part but the former goal I relinquished in my teens* and then chose the literary path.

I love the Sciences. Science is magic to me.  I don't understand everything, sometimes I understand nothing but my respect for science is almost equal to my spiritual beliefs.  To me they naturally go hand in hand.  This book cemented this belief in me, I first read it when I was 15 and to this day, 'Contact' by Carl Sagan remains my most favourite book ever and that's saying something.  [read more after the jump....]

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I have a point but it's a bit all over the place due to the fact that this was just going to be a simple one paragraph post and now it's turned in to a freakin' essay.  Again.

I'm sure you are all aware that parts of Australia are experiencing devastating floods and other parts of the world (South Africa, Brazil) are too.   I along with every other Australian wipe away tears every day looking at images, reading, hearing about losses of all kinds... those of us not affected physically are still affected emotionally... we do all that we can to stay positive because as a friend reminded us via a Facebook update, our despair is not going to help, it's time to spread hope and love... we are faced with adversity.  In the face of adversity, we do not crumble, we stand tall.  Even when we are drowning.
...but oh... these words are small comfort to those who have lost so much... not just in Queensland.

The northern hemisphere is experiencing a hellish winter, it has snowed during southern hemisphere summer... the weather patterns are crazy and of course, everyone blames the human race for this.

Climate change.  The result of human endeavour.

I'm sorry... but what a load of crap.  How dare we think ourselves so mighty? 

Yes we have contributed to pollution and yes we have raped Earth and YES we have a long long way to climb the evolutionary ladder but... do we really really believe we control the way the Earth behaves???

I agree with Dr Suzuki and know that climate change is REAL and IS a pressing URGENT problem.  Our resources are disappearing, the percentage rate of this happening is escalating.  Our industrial revolution has lead to atmospheric pollution and this is what is being blamed for being the cause of global warming.

As Dr Suzuki explains it;

"...We have released so much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasesthat our planet's atmosphere is now like a thick, heat-trapping blanket. By disrupting the atmospheric balance that keeps the climate stable, we are now seeing extreme effects around the globe. It's like a thermostat that's gone haywire — it just doesn't work the way it should. The result: the climate changes, and it gets warmer. Extreme weather events also become more common..."

He is absolutely correct and he is brilliant.  He is an angel on earth and he is a noble wonderful human.  But I think he's wrong to blame the human race for being solely responsible for climate change.

We have contributed to it yes but I believe our terrestrial activity has coincided with celestial activity.  That "thick, heat-trapping blanket" is being kept 'in place' by the heat ABOVE it.

This is an enlightening [no pun intended] article to read.  This is Science without the fiction but I am aware it and my words may cause some friction. 

I am astounded at the arrogance of the human race, not just the evil, the bad....even nobleness is arrogant.   Even Dr Suzuki is being arrogant in this regard.  The notion that humans can dictate what the planets and our formidable super Star does dumbfounds me! 

For both scientific and spiritual reasons I believe this... the Earth will do what the Earth has always done... for millions of years Earth has undergone transformations that we know about and that we are ignorant of.... do we really believe that we have any say in what Earth does? 

Even if we, the human race, had been exemplary from day one, even if we had done everything right, even if we had allowed our spirituality to guide us rather than our need to conquer... even if we were the most humane race of all... the Earth would still be doing what the Earth is doing today.

That is what I firmly believe. 

Scientifically Earth is the reason my life form exists.  Spiritually... she is the reason my life force exists.  It's not the other way around.  

For me, being Hindu (albeit in philosophy and ideology rather than in practise), earth is Bhumi Devi, one of 2 incarnations of Lakshmi, the Supreme Goddess ... known in the scared Vedas as Lakshyayidhi Lakshmihi, the one who has the object and aim of uplifting humankind...

Earth does what she does, it's not retribution, it's not reward, it's the cycle of life.  And we have to come to terms with that. 


Polka Princess said...

The armlace is GORGEOUS are just soooo talented!! And are right, It IS a cycle of life........we don't control the nature & vice versa.....But yes, the human race & nature have to live together & hence, have to understand each other in order to maintain a balanced environment!

Leia said...

I have an extreme respect for science, but I've never truly understood it (and I think that even the most brilliant scientists have a neverending list of unanswered questions). Climate change is one of those things that we just aren't certain about. Some say that it's cyclical, and the earth regularly goes in cyclical patterns during which extreme weather events (e.g. the ice age) are normal. Some say that it's due to our mistreatment of the earth. Some believe that it's a combination of the two... or something completely different.

As for me, I really don't know what to believe. All I know for certain is (1) we need to start treating the earth with more respect and (2) we need to prepare as best we can for the haywire events that we are experiencing and be compassionate towards those who have lost their homes, loved ones, or lives.

Very thought-provoking post :)

Also, that armlace. I want one! (Or two!) Can I place a custom order? Or will you let us know when they're being sold? And can I pay through Paypal? :)


gayatri said...

looking so pretty in the last pic :)

agree with you, we cant exactly manipulate nature that much. also, if am not wrong some wikileaks reports claim that some scientists have over estimated about global warming effects.

JAKS PAPER said...

Love it:)

jemina said...

I am with you one billion % on this:
"Earth does what she does, it's not retribution, it's not reward, it's the cycle of life. And we have to come to terms with that"

and sweetie that arm lace is fierce, LOVE LOVE LOVE it sooooooo muchhhhhhh!!!!!


LiveLoveDressup said...

You have a lovely blog :)
and, that arm lace is beautiful! love that orange skirt.

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Yes Earth does what she does but we are doing our best in messing it up. Everything(life, flora, fauna, earth) is dependent on each other and if one cog of the chain becomes irresponsible, everyone gets affected. I do believe global warming is real!!

Prutha said...

love the body jewelry...and i have to say thanku hunny for your genuine encouragement!! i really appreciate it ...biggg hug

frenchleaveblog said...

Ooohh can I just say Science is the shit? Because that's how I say it when the compliment has to be fiercest and yet stellar most! Ooohh let's forget it. I'm a science person to my last shred! :)

Anyhow, love this simple and yet very cute ensemble, which with the 'arm-our' becomes sexy. No I think it's you. You convert everything cute and nice and good to plain sexy damn right. :|

:) Tamanna

Lee Oliveira said...

I still have a kid inside of me too.
Love your photos.. and the arm necklace detail is to die for
Lee x

suruchi said...

Hi Dusk,
I so love your pictures and views...
I don't understand science much and I guess neither would science understand me if it tried...
So we kinda remain at non-bothering terms:-)

I always associate you with colour...
with the bounce of a spring...
with the freshness of the spring...
and your pics always prove that.
Love the armlace too...
You strike the best of poses:-)

ClassyandFabulous said...

I love the way you play with ur jewellery