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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hustle and Bustle...

Ahhh December...tis a crazy, busy, hazy, for some, a very stressful time, which is bad non? Considering it's supposed to be a time of peace... but I love it.  I love the hustle and bustle.  I love the festive season and I love that our (Australian) festive season is in summer. 
Although this has been a wet summer and parts of Australia are experiencing floods.  The weather and geological reactions all over the world are certainly making Mother Earth's presence felt*... (but Mother TV is all the talk of the town currently... yes, Oprah's here**.) 

Anyway, back to me.  J  I went out with my 2 closest male friends...who had never met each other!  One is my soul brother and one has known me since I was a teen.  Until one said that I compartmentalise my life, I didn't realise that I did!  I have many groups of friends and as I wrote here, I dress differently for them all.  Because I want to not because they expect it.  What I really enjoyed was how much they enjoyed each other's company and they both thanked me for introducing each to the other!

Ahhh... Christmas and Dusk... bringing people together...  more pics words... after the jump...

red spotted bustle-frill skirt * black tank top * black & gold wrap top * killer heels * diamante, gold & silver studded wrist cuff better seen here * strands and strands and strands of gold chains * festive earrings or what?? * gold bands on each finger and thumb


*Hmm... I really must share my thoughts on 'Climate Change' with you.  I find it very naive of humanity to believe that we have any control or say or even mastery, in what this Earth does.  Yes it's all real and yes it's all happening but I gotta tell ya sugah... we're not the ones pulling the see that big golden ball of gas up there?  So hot right now...

**I love Oprah, she is amazing and every accolade she receives, oh hell yeah, she deserves and I love her honesty and her 'Aquarianess' but I do not agree with her Australian trip.  Especially because it was funded by the Australian taxpayerSo yeah.  I helped pay for Oprah's trip.   

I disagree with it because our economy is still suffering and it is not the right time to try to lure Americans Down under because the US economy is still suffering...hence why President Obama (love him! don't agree with socialism though...good in theory, not in application...) made his Tax Cut Deal and I am incensed by the decision our Reserve Bank made to raise interest rates, for no reason, thereby making Christmas very hard for many people... I believe this was to weaken our dollar after it hit parity with the USD and you know why?  So that Oprah and her audience can spend up while they're here.

[breathe] And I'm done.  I feel very strongly about things and right or wrong, I must now bring that side of me in to my blog.  Feel free to ignore or agree or challenge or debate.  Kisses darlings.


This is not a good photograph, apologies, but I took these images when I got home at some ungodly hour so didn't do my best...but I wanted to show the skirt detail and my crazy eye-makeup... red & gold glitter creme, the BEST eyeshadow ever!  I mix it with other colour powders to get gorgeous effects like this.


Misfits Vintage said...

Namaste and AYE CARUMBA you look so amazingly sexy! You always look incredible but this outfit, these photos, the light, your expressions... just beautiful. You are seriously a fashion/style/creative ninja. Inspirational and so, so beautiful. Sarah xxx

jemina said...

You look so sexy babe, HOT HOT HOT!!!, and your eye make up is stunning, drooooolllll


L1L2 said...

ow dusk! did you inspire us with the red gear? we had no idea but somewhere-somehow we were inspired! looking great as always and we have passed an award to you (we know sandhyaa already gave it to u, but u are in our stylish list as well) check.. check... said...

Loving the strands and strands and strands of gold chain Festivity and Dusk does seem to go together ... not such in festive season - All year round! :)