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Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm wearing my chains and I'm wearing a jumpsuit.  Ha!  Speaking of prisoners...
As much as I love jumpsuits and have, at last count, about a gazillion, give or take ten... going to the restroom is a problem... there's no such thing as 'spontaneity'.  

And I have decided I want a new word to describe jumpsuits.  I've seen them called onesies but I'm getting visions of adult diapers.  Jumpsuits are called thus because they were suits made for jumping... out of planes.  And perhaps some people do need diapers for this...

So... what to call it?  Any ideas?  Unisuit?  Onederpants??  Oneder Woman????  he he.

vintage pallazzo legged strapless unisuit * faux fur & suede vest * some of my Duallery pieces * COCO LIBERACE bracelet.
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Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Hello my friend!!! I have been on a little blogging break, but now that I am back I am FLOORED by your beauty! You look like gorgeous perfection in this photo!


Fashion Butter said...

I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours! Love the chain on your hand - I am going to have to put that in the mental fashion file.

My vote is for onederpants!

Vivek Nanda said... you sense of humour :)) said...

Hahaha!!! You are funny. Like Wicked sense of humor. :)

Love your poses as usual and the eye-make up looks quite nice too. Is that wet hair look?

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

You are funny with your names that you have coined for Jumpsuits. I do not own a single one. I think I can't carry them well. I prefer one piece dresses.
I love your blue eyeliner.

Leia said...

I love jumpsuits too but the bathroom problem definitely stops me from wearing them! The chains around the bust look fantastic. And I looove your make-up here!


jemina said...

Oneder woman indeed. Love all of the details, you are one style mixer master babe :))


Dusk said...

Thank you again lovelies for your generous jump-for-joy comments!

@ Rachel - so good to 'see' you again gorgeous!