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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Maketh

I love love love the physical energy of street fairs and festivals in Spring and Summer!  My main woman and I spent a wonderful day together at one of Sydney's best street fairs (Glebe Street Fair)... we hadn't seen each other for a week! gasp! 
Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend... and international readers...hope you're all having a wonderful weekend! 

Just one thing... can someone please explain to me the point of ?  I don't get it.  Soooo...what?  It's basically a tutorial on how to cultivate [a famous] someone elses style by wearing designer brands?  hmmm...

Allow me to mount my soapbox ["you never get off"  "I heard that"]... I cannot wear anything that can be easily recognised.  The idea that someone can pigeonhole/brand what I'm wearing (and therefore, me) appalls me!  I was asked the other night if something I was wearing was by so-and-so designer... I almost choked on my glass of Veuve Cliquot.  J  And no it wasn't. 

You know that adage "clothes maketh the man" meaning you should dress how you wish to be perceived?   Well... hell no.  My adage is... I maketh my clothes (not literally)... I dress to perplex. 

I am very curious how you feel about this.

vintage batik wrap skirt * sunshine tank * various bangles and finger candy * gold mirror lens aviators * bodylace (harness) by me... I Maketh...

More pics (of the fair) after the jump!

This beautiful woman in red is my soul sister... she's wearing a dress I gave her and that is the twin bag to the one she gave me...



Vinda Sonata said...

dusk, you have such GREAT figure.
i love how toned your body is, and it's kinda my dream figure to have such strong-looking arms like yours.
anyway, amazing clothes.
bright colors do love you very much.
i always love your posts, always so refreshing, they make me happy!!

jemina said...

WOWZA Babe, can you get any hotter? you're sizzling indeed. Your bod ROCKS and OMG, I want your outfit, droooollllllll.....

Love, Hugs and Kisses

Polka Princess said...

Oh! I don't know where to start from!
The skirt's superb, the big round ring's awesome,the red dress is fabulous & the superman bag's way too cool!!! :))
Both of you ladies look HOT!

Polka Princess said...

Oops! Also forgot to mention the Vintage Fashion Posters.......they are amazing!!! :))

Aria said...

Dusk so many stupendous posts to catch up on!!! I've missed you :)
Aria said...

Wow! Looks like a great event! And I am in LOVE with your skirt. Vibrant and Bright. Love the print too! I think I want it! :P

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh you and your friend are so beautiful, no wonder you are soul sisters. The colours are glorious. Your outfit looks like it should be mine, what great taste you have.
Rant away, I don't get the whole emmulating someone else's style. Surely it's better to be yourself, even if it is a little rough around the edges? xxx

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

It is a very Indian, Batik skirt that you are wearing. And you are wearing it very well, I must say.

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

The first full photgraph is awesome. You look sensational. Some people have sex-appeal written all over their attitude. That is you. And why would I ever be sycophantic?


bollywoodstylediaries said...

I love becoz it makes it very easy to find and shop for a particular item - black floral dress. Think of it as a search engine for fashion by Google..thats all..

If I love, love something I will wear it even if its instantly recognizable. if its a thing of beauty, its a thing of beauty. The beauty of the piece doesn't diminish just becoz a famous designer made it..For me a lot of the designer stuff are works of art and passion and I humbly bow down to such masters:-)

I dress for myself. yup, i am a self-centered person:-)

L1L2 said...

HOT!!! u r soo fit... and the skirt is envious:) want~ plus that flowery ring! where'd you get that?

Hippie Holly said...

LOVE LOVE the boho rockstar vibe of this outfit! The cheery yellow and the army of bangles is allll lovely!

Leia said...

You and your friend are such bright, vibrant beauties...!

I, too, don't understand the point/fuss over I find that 'recognisable' designer pieces are done and overdone and worn by every celebrity and copied by every high street brand... I would rather find and wear something unique and interesting!


Vibhuti B said...

Gawjussss Dusk,
The Devi of all fashionistas you really truly maketh a rockstar!!!!
I lovethe way you put every fresh new look together in ur own signature style.Those vibrant colours, your lustrous locks and that HOT persona make this one post I wont forget for some time to come now...:D

PS: Thanks a ton for those most motivating words at my latest post..

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Your rings & bangles are AWESOME!!! TOO GOOD sweetheart!!!
Office Outfit - 20