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Friday, November 12, 2010


That pretty much sums most of us up.  We are all a fusion of cultures and lifestyle and behaviour and choices... we are not so much a melting pot because we do not want to be clones... we are, as individuals, all a patchwork masterpiece...

As are these fabulous pants!!   These Pondicherry Pants were a gift from one of my favourite bloggers, the very Sassy Smrithi from Vintage Obsession!  She sent them to me [and another one of my favourite bloggers, Miss Tanvi] ages ago but it was winter when I received them and it was too cold to wear them!
... but now... the heat is on... and I LOVE them... so much so that I [eek] wore them 2 days in a  row!!  I know I know.  Okay?  I know.  That's disgusting. Get over it. 

I wore them yesterday after Flamenco and everyone went crazy over them!   [ahhh... another fusion...hence the pose... read this to find out what I mean by that]
This is how I wore them today with my straw fuschia fedora and my mini ghungru.  A total fusion!  Some looked at me in confusion but that may have been because of the profusion of colour.  And I'm done now.

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!!

fabulous fusion pants * rainbow silk threaded copper cuff (a Duallery piece) * orange and green one string ghungru... I miss my 'proper' ghungru... 

18 comments: said...

Oh! Yes! I remember these ... These pants are meant to be danced in! I wanted to do Bharat natyam in them, though I do not know how! You do them COMPLETE justice! :)

Vintage Vixen said...

OH WOW!!! I was green with envy when Tanvi had hers on, I think I left mine behind in India. Hope you don't mind me jumping on the bandwagon and getting another pair, if I look an eighth as gorgeous as you I'd be thrilled.
You wear colour like no other woamn on the planet, I swear! If only the beige-clad Brits could see you.
Have a wonderful weeekend, you gorgeous thing. xxx

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Not sure if the comment I posted got through or not. So anyways will post again

Dusk I have similar pants. They are manufactured in my husband's export house. But you have worn them so well and the photographs are inspirational.

Ok you should also check these pics

Sherrie Cola said...

Wow what amazing colours and patterns!

Vibhuti said...

Hola..Look at you!
Those colourful printed harems/dhotis become you like second skin..No wonder you stayed in them for 2 days back to back..Love love you and trhem for gifting the right thing to the right damsel!!! :D

Vintage Obsession said...

Since your a color person i was so sure you'll like them :)) Makes me sooo happppy :)))

bollywoodstylediaries said...

fYousion, confusion, profusion - love, love ur play with words!!
the pants are bright and sunny!!

jemina said...

You look STUNNING my dear, LOVE those fusion pants!!!

Wishing you a lovely weekend


Lee Oliveira said...

Love the prints.. Reminds me Hermes pattern.
Gotta love a vintage piece

Zorian said...

I love the color!! Great shots.

Polka Princess said...

What a BEAUTIFUL pair of Smrithi to come up with something like this!!! :)
You are looking amazing in the outfit....& the fedora is soooooo chic! :))

Jeweliot said...

LOVing the pants! i love colorful outfits. any season.

Smrithi comes up with really cute things

suruchi said...

Hi Dusk,
Wondering if the pants are super duper cool or the way you are carrying them...
I guess a little of both:-)
Such a riot of colours only you could handle so well n with such a panache:-)

hiven said...

love the skirt! x hivennn.

Dusk said...

Hello lovelies!

Wow. I know. I'm actually replying to comments!! Wonders will never cease!

Thank you for your lovely words!

@ Tanvivacious - I did do BN, I love it but I preferred the foot emphasis of Kathak.

@ Vix - I wear colour like one other woman on this planet... YOU!! and these pants would look HOTTT on you, a bikini top added!

@ Kiran - hon, I would be raiding your husband's warehouse! I did see your fabulous tango pics and am blown away!

@ Smrithi - thank yopu honey!!!

@ Sonali - you always get my wordplay!! :)

@ Polka Princess - what are Zouaves hon??


Thank you all again lovelies!

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...


Bhawna Kapoor said...

Just Lovely!!!!

simple girl..... said...

oh man look louvely .. love that print ..