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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Black Gold, coal, pepper, petroleum... vintage dresses... and what candy is to a kid...but obviously not black. 

I really do have to get around to telling you what I'm doing now [refer; this post].  Suffice to say it's kid. candy store. sugar high yi yi!!  BUT... I need to present it all in a proper introduction. 
...but just quickly...I am a 'style guru' for an up and coming accessories label... a label I 'found' ages ago at one of Sydney's coolest markets.  I fell in love with their pieces, wrote about them , recognised and photographed their pieces on others, told everyone to "mark my words, they'll be big" and now... I work for them.  

I will be showcasing some of their pieces soon  but yes... I do get to wear whatever I want, when I want!!  See?  Kid.  Candy store.   The occasional fainting spell when I see a new design.

dress given to me by my mother-in-law, she bought it in the 70s * nude suede wedges * gold chrome sunnies * various bangles, dreamcatcher earrings * vintage metal belt * tri-ring by Duallery.
......I have also 'revived' my personal jewellery range.  I love making things (including mischief, excluding food) and I love jewellery tools and bits and pieces!  The gold tri-ring, that's mine.  My brand is called 'Duallery'. 


Polka Princess said...

That's one lovely ring lady!!! (Or should I say three lovely rings???) Also love the belt..... :)
Good to know that you're enjoying what you are doing......all the best for all your future endeavors!!! :))

Leia said...

It sounds like a dream job! All the Duallery pieces you've showcased so far look fantastic. As do you :)


bollywoodstylediaries said...

How did you make that ring? Do you design and then outsource the fabrication? would love to know the process (u can see I have an engineer's mind )

"Style Guru" - what a lovely job!! I want one too:-)

L1L2 said...

WOW! u have us speechless here... the black n gold combo with those white ruffly layers has killer looks:) u r lukin' fab as always!

jemina said...

FABULOUS, btw I have the same pair of earrongs. Great minds do think alike, eh? LOL

Hugs & Kisses babe
xoxo said...

I thought I left a comment here! :( ... Love the Black and Gold and those rings are awesome. Also love that belt and your first pose! - Killer! :)

Veshoevius said...

Congrats! Sounds like a dream job! I love the dress and the jewellery you are wearing here. Earrings are amazing! Do you sell the jewellery you make commercially?

sandhyaa said...

tri-ring grabbed my attention just like that..i was wondering this a very unusual piece to have then i read you designed
you look fab ..

Dusk said...

Hola lovelies...

Thank you again for such amazing generous compliments.

@ Sonali - I design and make the pieces hon. I don't make the actual bands and chains, etc of course but I physically create the pieces. Once you know how to link components, it's very easy to create from the design.

@ Veshoevius - hey hon, how are you? You're over my way at the moment but alas still on the opposite side!! [WA]
...I do take orders but it's a hobby at the moment...

@ Tanvi, Polka Princess, Leia, L1L2, Sandhyaa - thanks darlings!

@ Jem - they sure do hon!

Nickie Frye said...

Woah, your jewelry is blowing my mind!!