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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Write 'em Cowgirl...

...but dammit I'm running out of time.  How do you do it?   How do you manage your time to do everything you do and read all the blogs you love and visit new ones and write comments on them all??  How??? 

Look, this is not a "damn I'm special" post.  I know everyone is busy, this is the way life is now.  We have to allocate pockets of time to everything we do.  I can change a tyre in 5 minutes flat (ha! unintentional pun! it stays!)  yet can take 10 minutes to choose a toothbrush (too much choice!).  It's all about time management.  Something I thought I excelled at...  And yes my toothbrush choice is important.

Writing this post I had originally written a list of what my week entails, my life is kind of crazy -I LOVE it!- but that's not important right now... what's important is that I give everything I do 100% of me.  Even the lazy times and most definitely the 'be still' times.  Time is valuable.  I don't waste it.  If I'm working, I'm working.  If I'm being a couch potato, dude, I am mashed. because I don't waste my time, I manage my time efficiently.  Or I thought I did.  And now it's time to mount my high horse... and I'm going to jump...after the pics...


I am finding it difficult to allocate time to reading and commenting on blogs I follow and to visit new ones.  To the point that I'm not commenting on my favourite blogs until much later and at such time that I can truly devote my attention to them.   It's actually easier to visit new blogs and/or check out the blogs of new commenters who have visited mine than to visit my favourite blogs.

GAWD that sounds so bad! I hope you understand what I mean!!  Oh please understand what I mean!  I rely on my favourites to know that even though I don't comment straight away, I still appreciate and adore what I [speed] read and see. 

It is very hard to 'ignore' the posts when I see them in my Google reader but I know that if I do visit them, I will lose hours.  One post leads to another, leads to reading comments, leads to commenter's blog, leads to other blogs... and oh look, it's dark out already...

One of the benefits of being self-employed is that my [fantastic, brilliant, supercool... gee, being a self sycophant is fun!] boss lets me web-wander throughout the day but one of the drawbacks of being self-employed is that if you don't complete the day's work goals during work hours, there is no choice but to bring it home... which for me is a mental commute, not a physical one.  My office is at home.

...because I had spent most of the day with my husband and the 3rd and the youngest and also spent time with some of my posse (hey. come on now. see that hat? when in rodeo...), I don't feel odd about being at my computer on a Saturday night. 
I have opened up as many blogs as possible in different tabs and I intend to visit as many as possible.  The commenting is a separate issue.  I never feel I have to comment, I am compelled to comment because I feel I have someting to say. 

And gee... I obviously had a lot to say tonight... write 'em cowgirl...


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Excellent topic!
Indeed, we are living in a time-starved world. This week I was in four European countries so I can relate well to this post re. commenting on blogs and so forth.

I commnet when I can - simple.
Now I'm recuperating from my travels, but preparing for our ball this evening. I have one hour time-slot - and I use this to catch up on my favourite blogs/ reading/commenting.

So, off I go now, cowgirl, have a gorgeous Sunday and I love your hair blowing in the winds like leaves. XXXX

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh you go, girl! I can rely on one of your posts to inject some much needed colour and beauty into a drab and dull saturday afternoon. How utterly gorgeous and hot do you look in that dazzling colour combo?
Blogging takes up huge chunks of my time, if I'm not thinking about my next post I'm trying to comment on blogs I love and adore. I can't bear to leave one word comments either so I allow myself a set time to do so over my working day. xxx

Vivek Nanda said...

Wow, you loook absolute Cowgirl, 10 on 10!!
The colors are so good. The hat and the shoes are just wow. Finally, you made all the things look so good when you wear them. Wonderful!!

Leia said...

You make the most stunning cowgirl I have ever seen :) That pink is so vibrant ... one of my favorite colors actually. I wish you could teach the rest of us mere mortals how to combine colors so flawlessly!

I completely understand the too-many-things-not-enough-time conundrum. I used to really stress out about not replying to comments, not being able to visit blogs, etc, but I realised that it was pointless to worry about it. "Real life" should - and does - come first. I know my online friends won't think I'm ignoring or neglecting them if I don't visit or comment straight away.

I finally worked out the best way for me to work out my reading blogs/writing comments predicament, and it came in the form of multi-tasking (of course!) In the evenings, I like to sit down with a cup of green tea and watch the news for an hour or so before bed. While doing so, I just pick up my laptop and do a bit of blog-trawling at the same time - I find that incorporating it into my already-existing routine made it a lot easier for me to handle.

Of course *now* I am unemployed and have nothing to do, so I can read blogs to my heart's content! ;)

(one day I will learn not to write you essays!)


Aria said...

I LOVE these pics Dusk!!!

flicking your hair like a wild stallion!


Polka Princess said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE d colors gurl!!!!! D 2nd pic is super-sexy (just like u!).....n d last pic is sooooooo well-shot!

As for time-management, every night I come home from office & give my favourite blogs time till dinner......multiple tabs, multiple comment windows & efficiency of multi-tasking (yes, am being a bit of a narcissist too!) make d time spent in the blogosphere whorthwhile! I somehow manage to religiously follow my fav blogs (touchwood) AND visit new ones.....hope I don't ever miss going through OR commenting on any of your amazing posts bcoz of a time crunch! Hee-haw!!! :)

Jeweliot said...

hahaha i have some tabs (blogs) open to read too! i so understand what you mean by reading a blog, commenting, checking out comments, commenter's blogs!! etc etc etc.. "and its dark out already!"


rockstar pictures.


jemina said...

Darling Babe, this is EXACTLY how I feel too. Time... I wish all of us were not bound by time, but on another note, you need to be applauded for this post and every other post that you have written. You write seamlessly and Ow My Gaaaa, those pictures, those pictures will be the envy of all models and mere (esp. female mortal)'s envy. In short, you are AMAZING honey. LOVE LOVE, Jemina, xoxo

bollywoodstylediaries said...

love the second pic!!

I hear u, girl!! All I can say is I am sleeping less and less every day because like you I give my 100% to everything I do..

Beautifully Invisible said...

I love this post. I have been feeling really overwhelmed and like a horrible slacker for the same reasons - there really isn't enough time in the day to read all the great blog posts and leave nice comments! I have been trying to catch up myself, and being sick with a bad cold hasn't helped any.

Love the photos here, though! Splendid!

Amanda said...

I like everything about this outfit! Just perfect. You are one disciplined woman. The amount of activities you do and you are self-employed. How? How do you do it? This is not a rhetorical question. Haha.

annie said...

Wow. A little intense for me. :)

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Awesome outfit. Love the bright blue trousers!! I love stetsons so much!

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