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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tempus Fugitive...

Well... I am in black & white stripes and I am cuffed and time is running away from me so...tempus fugitive... J

Hola queridas... how are you?  I hope you are all well.  I have so much to share, lists of topics to write, ideas on the direction I wish to take this blog or rather, the direction this blog wants to take but have been unable to execute it.

Okay that's not true.  If there is great intention to do something then that thing shall be done.  Obviously I have not had inclination.  I didn't sweat it, although I have taken pics of daily outfits.  Mostly Pink and mostly dresses! [Frockotober & Pink Ribbon reasons - see below posts]

Also, have taken on a new job... some of you may be aware that I am a journalist, personal shopper and professional Jedi.  I am also a big child. What you may not know is that I used to create skincare, had my own brand of natural womens and mens skincare products, was achieving a lovely level of success, exporting products, etc.  Alas the GFC did what the GFC does best and blah, blah, blah... one bashed ego later, I've moved on.  
So I've been busy with this new thing, it's different, exciting, for me, for once, less responsibility (as in I am not accountable for the failure of the brand but I am responsible for the success.  Nice huh?  Good odds too. I'd rather responsibility than accountability).  I have run my own business for over a decade so this is a big change.
...haven't been around the blogosphere much lately so those of you who faithfully comment on my posts, without obligation or ulterior motive or reciprocal duty...thank you.  I appreciate your generosity so much.

If you feel so inclined, please leave a comment just to tell me how you are, don't need to say anything else, just tell me how YOU are.

vintage hot pink maxi skirt * one sleeve Zara top * black leather armour cuff * clear lucite bangles * 'rock' star mirror ring * (click 2nd pic for accessories close-up)


sandhyaa said...

Namaste :)
i am good & lazy.finished all my design submissions on time.
p.s. - you are a wonderful lady.

Polka Princess said...

Hey lady! Here's wishing you all the best for everything you are doing AND everything you are setting out to do!! Do share your success stories with us...!
Of course, simply LOVE the leather cuff....absolute rock chic... :)
And as far as I'm concerned, am just frustratingly busy with work...need a break BIG TIME! But, sigh, no such luck for the next couple of months at least!! It's just my favourite blogs (such as yours) that keep me refreshed & going..... :))

Lots of luv,
Polka Princess

Leia said...

My beautiful friend, I always get a pang of excitement when I see a new Dusk Zone post pop up on my Bloglovin! As usual you look divine. The bright pink is so vibrant and berrilicious. And *congratulations* on your new job, it sounds rather perfect and I know you will do an amazing job!


Fashion Butter said...

Okay, I was just thinking about you TODAY as a matter of fact! Congrats on the new job!

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Would you believe me, if I tell you that I have visited your blog twice every day to see any new post? I really did.
A question- What is professional Jedi? What do you do as a Jedi?
I knew about your skin care products. But what is the new thing that is keeping you busy?
Ok, how have I been? Today I am on top of this world. Danced for 8 hours straight. Loved it.

Sabina said...

NICE photos and a great outfit :)) You're very pretty :)) I like your blog, I hope you're going to take the time to visit mine - I have a feeling you'll like it :)) Can't wait to hear from you and of course feel free to follow me anytime (if you like my blog of course :))! <3

Tanvi said...

That one shoulder top is so sexy on you! I like how you have paired it with the neon pink skirt. The poses are that of a seasoned dancer of course! :)

Excited about your new ventures. Wishing you ALL the luck in the world for that! And I am fine. But you know that ... 'coz I stalk you! :P

Vintage Vixen said...

Noone rocks the one-shoulder like you do and the pink skirt is just glorious!
I did check out that link about your skincare range, it looks wonderful. How did you get into creating your own brand? Have you ever sufffered from problem skin? Nosy, aren't I!
By the way,. I'm doing just fine, PMT grumps aside, glass of rose wine and a quiet night in. xxx

Jeweliot said...

Oye! ALL THE BEST for your new thing, all the very best!!


I am cool, I am hot, I am the same :D

Love you in the zara top. You are my favorite when it comes to accessories :D

Taj Acosta said...

Hola chica! Sounds like an interesting venture!
I am going thru a crazy venture myself and am trying to figure the whole thing out! ... having to do with cosmetics. We'll see. Life is fast and busy and full of creativity right now. Love the pics as usual! Hope all is well

bollywoodstylediaries said...

now that you have asked:-) I am doing good..Busy juggling lot of things!! I want to take my blogging to next level but cant seem to find the time or energy!!

So whats the new thing that is keeping u busy? when do we hear the details!!

Vivek Nanda said...

Yes, we missed you a lot, but glad to see you back :). Wish you all the luck for the new job and hey we didn't know that you create skincare products, wonderful!! Take care n you look awesome in those pictures :)

Sonshu said...

that was hot, love the mix of pink n stripes!
Hot skirt! :)
AMAAAZING look! :)
loveed it!

P.S: im doing amaazing! :)

Vibhuti B said...

Hi Dusk,
I miss you tons when am not active at my personal blog and when you aren;t posting!
You have always been such a gorgeous inspiration. I must confess I have now taken my Project Weight Loss seriously only because of the way you look! Ravishing!!!!!!
So I was busy trying to look a different ME and am aiming at making a comeback on the fashion scene here in a tad better avatar!
C u soon then..
Mwahs n hugs

Fourth Daughter said...

You could have won Derby Day with that outfit! Do you go to the races up there? Or is the racing carnival just something that we in Melbourne get our knickers in knots about?

carlyjcais said...

Congratulations on the new job! I am so happy for you and glad that you are enjoying it and excited about it!!!:-D (And having owned my own business for awhile too - I am def. in the same boat when it comes to preferring responsibility over accountability!)

And the striped top is fabulous!! (And I want that black cuff...I may have to rush over to Australia and steal it from you;-) ;-)


Leah said...

I'm so happy for you... not only about the new job but also because you never run out of creative juices. Do send some my way... I'll pay for the shipping. Hahaha!

I guess by now you knew I was sick. I was happy to be sick because I thought it will make me lose weight but NO, it didn't happen.

I'm glad to be back and I really do miss you my dear friend! xoxo

stylestalker said...

we love your colourful outfits!