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Sunday, October 17, 2010


My husband and I went to a friend's daughter's wedding today.   It was a wonderful, joyous, magical, elaborate, bells and whistles, one-of-the-best-ever, HUGE wedding! 

My husband took these photos whilst we were killing time between the wedding ceremony and the reception.  We also managed to have a 'Princess Flower' tea [see below] at a lovely gallery and teahouse we go to regularly [White Rabbit]. 
And no there was nothing that interesting on my left...I was seeking the limelight... I felt quite Princess Flower-y in my dress.  [continued after the jump...] 

vintage lime and mint dress * metallic emerald peep-toe heels * vintage snowball-knit shawl  * vintage sunglasses

I have to confess that as much as I enjoy being a part of someone's 'big day', I'm not big on big weddings.  I don't really understand the need for all the pomp and carry-on...
Okay. I do understand why the 'need' but can't relate and I have a big issue with the whole 'big day' thing.  Surely a wedding is not the one and only and last time to be in the limelight?  Surely not now that we have blogs?? J

Anyway, each to their own.   Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being a part of it all, appreciate that others want me to be a part of it all and respect everyone's right to celebrate their lives however they want.

I didn't have a big wedding and I'm Indian...we traditionally have huge weddings but that's not my style, marriage to me is such an intimate affair that a [big] wedding seems intrusive!

My siblings had big weddings and I'm pretty sure one of my kids will have a big wedding, one is a traditionalist, the others not so much, I confess I'm not really looking forward to all that traditional brouhaha... but I also have to confess I am always stumped as to what to say to a newly engaged couple. 
I mean... I don't see getting engaged as an achievement so for me, "congratulations" is not appropriate.  I of course am very happy for the couple and I am, despite what my words may appear to convey, a romantic in the true sense of the word.

I am passionately enjoy being in love with the man I am in love with (we are what I believe a marriage is - a union of complementary individualism. feel free to gag.) so yes absolutely I understand marriage and wanting to get married!
...but sometimes I feel the engagement overshadows the actual point of getting married and the wedding  becomes the point of the marriage and that marriage isn't always the point... and eek... I think I have lost the point... this post is pointless!!  Apologies if this is all over the place!! 

Also... I don't neccessarily believe that marriage is the ultimate way to show commitment.  Commitment is the ultimate way to show commitment...

What kind of wedding did you / will you have? 
Do you believe that a wedding is important? 
Do you believe that marriage is important?

I feel a bit weird posting images of the wedding and wedding dinner, so I won't do that, that's not my prerogative to do so... but it was magical and extravagant and so much fun!!  Lots of friends and good times!


Leia said...

Oh my goodness, you look absolutely phenomenal! That dress is so beautiful. I'm telling you, one day I'm going to fly over and raid your closet... ;)

As for weddings/engagements/etc., I think we share the same point of view. I have been to many, many big 'traditional' weddings and most of the time I just feel sorry for the bride & groom. They sit on a stage for hours on end and it doesn't seem like they're having much fun at all! I think the *marriage* is much more important than the wedding. My parents went to a town hall and got married with two other people present - my mum's sister and friend - and even if I weren't being forced to elope, I think I would want to do the same thing.

I don't think it's important to have a big wedding... and is marriage important? I guess it's not for everyone. Some people live quite contentedly for years on end, together but not married, commited but not legally. To each their own...


Tuesday said...

Oh tell me all about it! From what I'm coming from (Philippines) big wedding is a big wedding! I'm not a fan too but I love looking at them and wish they'd stay forever, truth to be told, big wedding can't buy love and it's heartbreaking to see if they break apart sooner or later...

I can definitely hear yah, and few years back I've settled in Ireland, big weddings are even bigger, it amazes me seriously! But still, I'm not a big fan teeheehee

Veshoevius said...

What a gorgeous dress, love the colour and print and the fabulously full skirt must make it a dream to dance the night away in. Like the bobbly shawl you have on with it. Looks nice and warm over in Oz sigh!

Vintage Vixen said...

That dress, your waist, you, the crumbling painmt work in the background....oh wow, you've just made this vixen very happy.
Weddings? can't abide them. Never had big plans to walk up an aisle, can't be doing with the fuss, the waste of money and the expectations.
I've been living in sin for 18 years, long may it continue. xxx

Vivek Nanda said...

I'm very much sure with the look you had for your wedding there would have been lots of eyes on you. You look so gorgeous. Now talking about the wedding, I'm Punjabi and the big fat Punjabi weddings are so much showoff. I tried my level best to keep my wedding simple yet my parents emotionally black mailed into a big wedding, result lot of money wasted to keep the relatives and friends happy than what could have been better utilized elsewhere...Though, from an outsiders point of view its nice to attend a big wedding but I still feel its pomp and too much to showcase than what it really is...Anyway, I'm glad that I'm done with it :) :)

Lee Oliveira said...

Oh my lord.. How amazing is this dress..
You look fabulous.. ps.. obsessed with your shoes.
such a great style you have

annie said...

Very elegant.

Claire said...

Fan. tas. tic.

Seeing on the hanger I wouldn't have imagined a dress like that could look anything other than prissy. I am proven wrong!

Polka Princess said...

U look stunning luv..........d stole is sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! :)

As for weddings, I plan 2 hav a nice one.......not 2 big, but enough 2 make my special day memorable, not only for me, but for those who'll be sharing that day with me!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

You look gorgeous and such a tiny waist!! this whole outfit gives u a very dainty/delicate look:-)

I had a big wedding. I wanted to call all my friends becoz it was such an imp day in my life:-)

SabinePsynopsis said...

You look phenomenal, Dusk, the casual swing of your skirt, the dress, you... So gorgeous! Nope, I'm not big on weddings either - small, intimate ones can be fun, but I certainly do not share the wedding excitement of the UK population. We did marry in the end (after 15 years), but that was more for all kinds of sensible reasons and did not make one bit of difference to us. xoxo

Tanvi said...

Oh! How I missed you!!! and How I LOVE YOU! ... You look gorgeous. As much as I love you in all your avatars ... I love your in the feminine ultra glam dresses. You DO look like a princess. In fact QUEEN! :) Love Love Love this look .... Did I mention I missed you? :P

You know all about my wedding and beliefs on it ... I like big affairs ... grand ceremonies ... They are all not necessarily to show-off ... but I just have so much fun ... dancing and dressing up and frolicking around ... I have rare occasions when I really enjoy and weddings [or other Indian ceremonies] are a good opportunity for that.

However I do not think wedding/marriage is 'Important'. I think it is subjective and to each their own. Marriage to me and my husband is just a license to live together in society ... but what we are truly aiming is a life full of fun, memories together. However, we both retain our original self and continue to grow together into our own selves. However, we have a long way to go ... so far so good. I wouldn't change a thing! :)

Btw, Did I mention I missed you? :o)


Oh. my. goodness! These shots are just amazing...such an incredible frock that looks like it's been made just for you.

The colours. The cut. The fabric. Too perfect!

Keith said...

Wow. Great photos. You look so incredibly beautiful. So stunning. Have a wonderful week.

Prutha said...

that dress and shawl r super cute... i want both!!!!

annierama said...

you are looking really amazing in this dress! I was like WOW when I saw it first time!

garakami said...

I read every comment for you! Lol. And I have to say there's nothing I can say here that everyone hasn't said in some form or fashion already.


And I came across this amazing girl:

She reminds me of you, if I could imagine you singing and dancing :)


jemina said...

AMAZING!!! I LOVE your dress, the whole get up reminds me of Scarlet O'Hara of Gone with the wind's picnic dress, definitely you are under the lime light, BRILLIANT!!!


Margaret said...

that dress is gorgeous and YOU miss are so stunning!!!
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx
take a peek at my giveaway while you're at it!

Simple Sally said...

You look SENSATIONAL!!!! :) Love the whole look and the sublime colour of your dress! Pretty pretty! :)

I am a big fan of small, meaningful weddings myself. However, since everyone and their third cousins knew about our love story and, the fact, that Ron and I have so many family friends in common, we could not insist on a small, intimate and cozy wedding as much as we wanted to! So, well, we had a big, mad, fun wedding! :)

And as far as marriage goes, well, to each their own. The ones who think it adds to the commitment and the ones who don't! :)

Fourth Daughter said...

You don't understand the carry-on and then you wear something like that to give people something to carry on about!! I'm with you though, so many friends are getting married and I have to admit I'm sort of over all the wedding talk. But then again it's possibly preferable to what comes next.... the talk about babies!!

Make Do Style said...

Gorgeous look and the perfect pose! xx

Sher said...

Goodness, you're definitely a princess! You look perfectly feminine in this gorgeous dress, I do love a full skirt, it makes you want to swirl and twirl all day long!

And I love attending weddings! So I'm thrilled to finally be able to plan my own soon! The truth is, I just can't wait to be married to my boy, having a big or small wedding does not matter:)


The Goddess of Boho said...

You look straight of a fairy tale. I swear =)
Also, the background is oh so fabulous.
Tell your husband, he's taken some really great shots!

Have a great weekend Dusk Devi!


minnja said...



Trishna said...

You look magical.......

Love from Toronto

Vintage Obsession said...

owww digging the whole look , specially the wrap kinda thing :)) Also love these pictures

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

You look pretty like little girls are, ethereal like fairies, really and just sexy in a subtle way! Love this.

thesydneygirl said...

as Leia said - OH MY GOODNESS!

*how* amazing do you look!?

glamour queen you are! X

thesydneygirl said...

i will make sure to visit those stores *just* cause you said so!;)

r u on twitter? if there are ever blogger meetups it would be great for us to meet!


L1L2 said...

concur with the rest of the commentators... you look uh-mazing!!! the ruffles add extra flavor, the color pretty and u look like a fairy tale princess.

Meagan said...

Beautiful dress - wonderful images.

I agree with your feelings and thoughts on weddings - I feel that marriage is a very personal and private thing and am perplexed by the thought of taking such vows and promises in public - as such we had a private ceremony and for those that seemed to pressure us to have a public celebration of our personal commitment - well, we caved, and had a party in the park.

Anyway, marriage is an interesting thing - so many deep, personal thoughts on it. Would love to chat with you about it - I appreciated reading your thoughts.

x Meagan