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Friday, October 1, 2010

Frame of Mind...

..and sole... J (Well okay not quite, more boot shaft but you got my drift right?)

WOW!  It's October already.  [insert appropriate cliche in regards to time and speed and age and senility...but maybe that's just me...].  I am SO excited that it's October! 

I am in a great frame of mind!  For primal reasons...because it's heating up (in the Southern Hemisphere) and Summer is around the corner and I love heat. I thrive in heat.  I love being in heat.  ...hmmm... whoops... he he...
Heat fires up my energy cauldron (geddit? yep. I'm full of it today.  cliched puns that is....) and although I am generally one of those annoyingly chirpy people anyway... in the warmer months, I just bounce off the walls like Bugs Bunny on speed! 

I am excited for many MANY other wonderful reasons.  Not just personally.  For the world primarily... but then I guess the world I live in affects me, personally and in primal ways... please click, read and join the link (NB. link will open in a new window), THIS fills me with such overwhelming love and humility.  And hope.

The future's so bright I (and my boots) gotta wear shades. 

How are you?  I hope you are all well or as well as can be.  How's your frame of mind? 
If you feel you need a bit of a push up... read this and this... sharing with you much glow-bal warmth...

By the way darling regular reader, you're not imagining things, this is a backdated post published on Wed 6th of October.  I've been alternating between busy, lazy and crazy!  Photos are a bit boring but they were taken around 2am and oh dear lawd, someone give the woman a hairbrush!

ps. I still have to address the whole "No Comments" thing...obviously I have changed my mind but not neccessarily my feelings.  However I am unbelievably humbled and firmly put in my place (in a good way).  I will explain.
vintage shirt  (bought for AUD$1) * black suedette & faux fur vest * skinny jeans * 'cowgirl' boots marked down to AUD$2.86 from AUD$89.99 'garnished' with gold bauble necklaces that were AUD50c for 5 in an op-shop... I've just looped and tied * vintage sunglasses * various rings, etc


Leia said...

I adore the heat as well! It's probably one of the main reasons I couldn't carry on living in London - over there it's cold about 10 months of the year! This 'summer' I had to wear cardigans and tights almost every day. No thank you!

You look amazing as ever despite it being 2 am, and those boots! Are just amazing! One day I am going to come and raid your shoe collection, I hope you know ;)


Vivek Nanda said...

Hey, how are you doing??
Looks like someone is really excited about the summers. Nice to see other reasons for you happiness. Peaceful world, isn't that everyone wants..hope we have it one day. Take Care n keep rolling, Cheers!!

Tanvi said...

Those boots are sext and you are making a statement with those shade hanging by the boots!

cowgirl' boots marked down to AUD$2.86 from AUD$89.99 Are you serious? Thats some bargain!!!!

I am loving October too coz its cooling down and I am enjoying the sun rays on my skin! Its time to be outdoorsy!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Lovely colors!!! The best thing is the black base. The bright colors are so well defined in the black base!!!
Too good!!!

Being a Saree clad Bride's Maid

bollywoodstylediaries said...

"I love being in heat" - LOL!!!

And thats just the perfect place to to hang the glasses:-)

on a separate note - (i) No idea why Aish's shoot is "A parisian affair" - havent read the article. Will find out (ii) I completely agree with you that our celebs dont know how to layer. They just wear the outfit and think thats all there it is to it:-(

Keith said...

You look fantastic. I love those shades. I hope this finds you doing well.

Taj Acosta said...

Love the boots! I am sad that summer is leaving me but happy to wear my boots now! hugs

suruchi said...

was missing com(pl)menting here:-)
so here i go for all that i missed saying...
loved the pics of your black practise Flamenco skirt against the backdrop of white flowers...
awesome concept there!

also the macrame sweater coupled with that waistbag looks WOW!
you just seem to be getting better n better at taking our breath away:-)

L1L2 said...

indeed the future's so bright... we even need yellow shades:)) and love how you've hung them in the boots...