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Friday, September 10, 2010

Where's your head at?

So... there was something in the air... everyone's feeling a bit like they've been running in deep, wet sand... and sinking too... may I suggest not holding on to that feeling?  Just let it go.  By holding on to feeling down, you're just going to drag yourself down further.  Let it go.  Let it go.  Let it go.  And visualise UP.

The title of this post takes its cue from this...
In this clip, you can see very briefly the Bungee Ballet that she does, this is my idea of kick-ass bliss!!  If I lived in a house of such lofty proportions I too would totally be swinging from the rafters!!! 

Instead I swing from the trees... currently not with the greatest of ease... despite being rather warm today, I am still wearing winter layers... chocolate induced fat layers!  Oh well.  Fat layers keep us young!!

...despite my full-on activity & yoga regimen, am also feeling a bit stiff hence the lack of any fancy tricks... besides... it's not easy to set the timer, run, jump, grab rope, hold pose and smile!!  So forget me doing any hang upside down stuff!!  ... sometimes I think my 40yo body tries to remind me it's no spring chicken!!  Nevertheless...this is one way I keep myself up... because I loathe being down... read on...

If you're feeling down*, focusing on it, dwelling, leads to drowning.  However, having said that, pretending it doesn't exist is like sinking in quicksand.  The more you struggle the deeper you sink... if you just relax, acknowledge it but don't attach life and death importance to it, you'll float... and come out on top. 

...but hey, if you need to kick up a stink, go right ahead.  Get it out.  It's best to do so.  Keeping it in for stoic, stiff upper lip reasons leads to mood poisoning... But wallow in the shallow, don't swallow in the deep, you know what I'm saying?  Don't make mountains out of bumps in the road*.  And I'm done with the cliches.

Look.. I know this sounds like a damned holier-than-thou pompous ass lecture... it is a bit but it's well meaning.  I've actually toned it down and re-edited and sat on it... it's all disjointed now... not sure if I'm getting my point across...

Regardless of your beliefs, I ask you to try and understand that we as humans, are a Collective.  We have a sonar-like energy that bounces off and fuels each other.  Misery is contagious.  Thankfully happiness is too. 

Look left to my facebook window.  See those links?  Click them, read them, absorb them, live them.   We all need reminders.  It's actually the last thing I try to do before preparing for bed... I read positive thinking articles, notes, books, quotes, etc. 

When I'm feeling down, which is rarer than hens teeth and on par with Paris Hilton winning a Grammy, I bawl my eyes out. Loudly.  Dramatically.  We're talking full blown histrionics.  In front of the mirror.  I am the World's Ugliest Crier.  It is unbelievable how this fact alone quickly cheers me up.  My crying face is hysterically funny.  It also cleanses me.  The crying ie.

I also have a mantra...won't disclose it, it's personal and it inlcudes some vulgarity... suffice to say it makes me feel like one of them...and goes something like this; "You think you can defeat me?  I don'!"  With some, okay, a lot of swearing thrown in.  

* being down is different from suffering from depression... I do not know what depression is but I do believe it exists, it's not a figment of imagination, it is a disease... I also believe people tend to too easily label any down moments as being depression, which is an insult to those truly suffering from this.