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Monday, September 27, 2010

Life's a beach...

...and then you fly...

This is a favourite spot... smack bang in the middle of Sydney Harbour and not many people go there outside of firework watching times.  Which is a bonus if you're a self-photographing blogger...

More pics after the jump....

Yes my husband and I were together but I never travel without my tripod!!  Although he doesn't mind taking my blog photos and we have such a laugh, I really do prefer taking my pics myself (although he has taken many)... for some reason the 10-second timer 'forces' inspiration for the photo.  Hard to explain. 

For this shoot, he was sitting on the sand reading his book or watching me and I was photographing my self in between kisses and ice-cream.  It was rather a weird scene... try and picture it!  Man.  Sitting, reading, receiving kisses.  Woman.  Photographing.  Running back and forth.  Stealing Kisses. 

Although the weather's warming up -and it was certainly warm over the weekend- we're not going out on the boat just yet... water is still cold. Yes I know lame excuse because we don't have to get in to the water.   But unless we're water-skiing and in wetsuits... we prefer to not be dressed for the snow at sea! 
...besides my husband and I are feeling quite sad... our youngest is away at Cadets camp and we're missing him like crazy!!  And it's only been 2 days!!!  And he's 14 and a half!!! 

He's the youngest...and watching him grow from boy to man is bittersweet.   Although I have felt this with the others -I mean they have had to push me out of their cars once they have received their Provisional licenses ("you sure you don't want me to come with you?" "NO mum")- the youngest is the hardest... that's it... no more hammocks... now we're safety nets only... children are meant to fly...

...and there's always grandchildren. Although by that time, my husband and I will be sailing around the world.

vintage cotton blouse * high-waisted jeans * bejewelled skinny long belt & vintage polaroids


ps. eek! I forgot to switch off comments for this post so 3 slipped through. Okay. I let them slip through and that's because I LOVE these women.


Vintage Vixen said...

Hoorah! we can comment again! You look astoundingly fabulous as always and I'm in awe of the backdrop. Lady, you have it all and more but I love you anyway. xxx

Vibhuti said...

This post makes me go Awwwwww all the way! Yes, seeing my son grow up so fast is already becoming a bitter-sweet experience for me..Hes already almost 2 years old now within a blink of an eye!
:) :(
And thanks for letting the comments pour in again..I was missing this INTERACTION with you..though I completely understand that this is UR mag and you are happy with REACTIONS only!! :D

Leia said...

Oh my! The comment section is reinstated! :D

I am dying to visit a beach. I can't remember the last time I visited one when it was actually warm and sunny! Went to the seasdie this summer but - as it was in the UK - it was windy and freezing. Perfect for working on the summer tan, heehee.

Gorgeous outfit as usual (and can I please have your figure? Pretty please??) and I'm sorry about the 'empty nest' feelings... I'm sure it gets better with time (??!)