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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Fiery Weekend...

Well... it is flamenco... J... the troupe performed on Saturday and Sunday... Sydney was celebrating its multi-cultural good self... fairs and festivals everywhere, all weekend, celebrating diversity and unity... days like these you can truly believe in this possibility.  A world that doesn't need to be celebrated for its differences.
...but I digress!   And somewhere a one-legged duck swimming in a circle asked if the Pope was Catholic.   Will upload more pics, may need to get permission from the other bailaoras but I'm sure they won't mind...

This is me on Saturday (left) and on Sunday (right) with a bailaor... sigh...  I am a student / practitioner of such an amazing, sensual, passionate dance form... and then I forget to take off my leg warmers.  Yeah.  Real sexy.  Ole!

*bailaora - female bailaor - male dancer.