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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sakura Week

The cherry blossoms are out! sigh.
I have never been to Japan when the Cherry Blossoms are blossoming. I love Cherry Blossoms.  Or as they are known in Japanese... Sakura... they are an omen of good fortune, an emblem of love, affection and a metaphor for the cycle of life.

Although this is Sundayted....I'm using this as a Have A Blossoming Week Starting On Monday Bloglink post! & I'm going to have to find a better name for that...
Start the week off with purpose not a groan.  Oh and ...make your bed straight away

By the way, if you think I'm a rainbow volvano, then you have to check this out!
Not for the faint-hearted though, this woman is wild, fractious and clearly not PC! I love her!
I need this and can get it here.  Isn't it just super cool??
And who wouldn't want to create with this?

Lots more pics after the jump... J

My husband took the pics of me. As you [may] know I take majority of my pics myself using tripod and timer but lately, if we're out and about, my husband has been having fun doing this. I still carry a tripod though, for some reason I feel less self concious having my blog photos taken when the camera is on a tripod! It's like the tripod makes it 'official purposes'!  hahahahaha!!!


Vibhuti said...

Oh this is truly beautiful.
you must have wished us a wonderful week with all your heart coz I actually gravitated towards ur blog before anything else..Looks like I am going to have a glorious week as glorious as those Sakuras..WOW..
Thanks a ton for this post!
It has indeed made my Monday..:D
And yes Ma'm I'll go make my bed right away..hehehe..;)

Vinda Sonata said...

you look gorgeous as always, and very energetic too!
love the outfit, esp. your boots!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

You wear colour so well. I adore the cherry blossoms of Japan. Aren't they pretty? Your blouse is so lovely; reminds me of summer!
The 6th image is so nice - how dramatic! Have a nice week, my lovely;-)

Tanvi said...

What gorgeous gorgeous images!!! I love :)

Eden said...

Amazing shots!And love your boots:))
follow if u like

Nickie Frye said...

Oh my gosh, you are absolutely gorgeous. And I love a woman who wears some color!

Leia said...

Oh! I love cherry blossoms SO MUCH. They just ooze beauty and color and happiness because it's a sign of the warm weather to come!

I make my bed every day :) straight away.


Vintage Vixen said...

Absolutely gorgeous! The colours are just so magificent, vibrant and wonderful on you. How can anyone not want more colour in their lives when they see you? xxx

Aria said...

LOOOOOOVE this post! I have never seen cherry blossoms in real life....on my bucket list! Such an amazing picture!
Thank you by the way :)

♥ Aria

stylestalker said...


beingdena said...

what gorgeous colours and those boots are fab. I love cherry blossom too and dream of visiting Japan one day.

Thanks for your lovely comment earlier. you are such sweetie x

beingdena said...

hi again, added you to my blogluvin so I don't miss any updates. feel free to follow back. x

Amanda said...

that peacock! loving the featherssssss......

your outfit so suits the background. thanks for stopping by dusk. I've been away from the bloggosphere for way toooo long. Been so busy with uni and the bU fashion parade. PLUS, a two very unfortunate things happened to my car. First it broke down and then well basically, as of Monday, I officially don't have a car! ie. written off

Been a bad week but I will pull through all this! Thank you so much for your encouraging comment! It really made my day. xxx

Hippie Holly said...

I loveeee cherry blossoms, something so innately calm and stunning about them. Love your uber colourful outfit, I could stare and stare and not tire at all!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I didnt know u had peacocks in any place other than India...good thing to know:-)

I love cherry blossoms - they always remind me of spring. So looks like we are heading to fall and u guys are heading to Spring..

Ur outfit is really pretty and I love how u teamed it with tights and boots. The dress is just the prefect length on you. love the second pic - u look so serene and the third pic since its so dramatic..

i am going to start the next week with purpose..just back from vacation and all charged up!!

daisybabie said...

so pretty! love when the blossoms bloom, takes up the entire tree, and when they fall, it's like a beautiful carpet of petals. *love*

your outfit, chickie, creates a very mid 60s vibe and the boots a very lat 60s vibe. both are stupendously fab!

thesydneygirl said...

so pretty and so full of life! x