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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Politically Incorrect not just a reference to the situation Australia finds itself in.  It's sometimes the only way to stand up and be counted.  Particularly if you are a woman.  So despite not liking her party, political beliefs, agenda and platform, I like [at time of writing current PM] Julia Gillard's go get 'em attitude.
May I remind you what Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said...

"well behaved women seldom make history"

...and earlier, this morning;
Me: "It's Election Day. It's all at sea.  I'm going to dress accordingly."
Husband: "Oh. That explains the fishnets then..."
Me: "Oh I love you."

I won't unleash my political beast here. I already rant enough everywhere else!  I am very politically concerned, I believe it is our civic duty and human right.  Yes yes, I know what you're going to say.  "politics bores me" [fine] or "I don't understand it" [understandable] and worse... "it's got nothing to do with me".  Woah.  Get off my planet please. 

I wore my 'chakra' pendant because I like to balance my political philosophy with my spiritual mentality.


carlyjcais said...

Hiya Dusk!
I love this outfit - how you've merged all these seemingly different elements into one cohesive whole. Plus, I LOVE your manicure!! Did you apply a crackle coat to the top or something?
Do share, it looks lovely!

Vintage Obsession said...

The skirt is so soo much fun , I've a similar one but not in denim , for some stupid reason i stitched up the side slits and converted it to a dress , i want to wear it like now , think its time to click the undo button on that stitch now ,

I totally agree well behaved is so passe . love the big hat , I don't know why women in India don't embrace them , considering its apt fore the climate

Leia said...

I think politics is very important! (I studied International Relations - politics on a global scale!) And I voted for the first time this year. The party I voted for didn't *exactly* win, but it was awesome to exercise my right to vote for the first time.

Oh, and your outfit is lovely. I'm not sure about Australia, but the UK parties are represented by a color, and I saw a lot of people at the voting booth wearing the colors of the preferred party! There is often a majority of a preferred party in certain areas, so you would see loads of purple/yellow/orange etc!

And the nails! L - O - V - E!!!


Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Haha I like the dialogue that happened between the two of you!! Fishnets, yes sir. :)

You look great in this black and blue ensemble. Goes perfect with your "I will black and blue you, dare you piss me off" attitude! :) Love the photo in which you are sexily teething your pearls.

Politics to me is an interesting game of which all of us are a part. We definitely should not be dormant. We must know the rules and playthe damn game!


Wowzers! Check out your nails!!! How did you you do that? Love it...

Tanvi said...

I love the outfit ... The fishnet stockings are such an unexpected 'treat'. I like :) Fun imaging a 2 second dialogue between you and Mr.!!!

I take interest in Politics. I worries me, it bothers me, sometime I get too passionate and my discussion becomes an on going rant which bores the people around me. I save my "political" topics for my Mom & Dad. They listen and understand me! Sometimes I even wish my family was running the country! But that would become Gandhi-giri ... anyways!!! See, I am going on about it here now ...

Anyways ... back to the hat, nails and your expressions. You kill me with your expressions! :) Quite a model you must have been!!!

Prutha said...

this is one of my fav looks on u dusk...u remind me of zeenats aman / neetu singh from the old bollywood movies..i love those leegings and just everything works!!1

Vibhuti said...

hey I love the Hat and fishnets..Aww it is one look I could easily sport out here..Will give it a try sometime and you can rate me..hehehe..:D And whoa Man do I lovelovelove that Chakra pendant!
Gorgeous again! :))

Vintage Vixen said...

You sexy chick!!! Those fishnets and the beads are just awesome!
Stupendous quote,too. xxx

suruchi said...

Hi Dusk...
Part of your charm is your clothes n mix n match...
And a greater part is how u carry them off...
Like look at u in the first pic here!
Confidence, poise n style personified!
And yes...will try not to get off your planet;-)


luv d skirt!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I love politics!! its so imp we know whats happening..we are already in such a big mess:(

love ur crackled nail polish and ur outfit..any relation between the colors u are wearing and political, red is for Republicans and blue for democrats.

daisybabie said...

the hat and the psuedo turtleneck is right up that retro alley again that i'm so coveting right now.

i understand the role we play in politics of whichever land we reside in. here we have a sarah palin, makes my skin crawl. anywho, i can feel a rant boiling up, so i'm gonna put the lid on it and just say that i agree with the need to understand it, participate in it, and to have a voice about it. i hate it when people who did NOT vote, find it their place to complain about who is presently in, or not in, office. bah!