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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ahhh...twas a glorious Saturday in Sydney... yes it's still winter but it was very Spring-y. And I was up a tree again. 
[and currently giggling at the thought of all those who see this thinking, "oh Dusk is up a tree. Again"!... Cheryl, if you're reading, a comment you left on a 'tree post' gives me the giggles everytime I think of it!!!] 

Hope you're all having a gorgeous weekend... what are you doing? 
My husband accompanied me on an op-shop trawl in the morning, we had lunch with the youngest and friend, then a quick photo session up a tree, late afternoon coffee/early evening dinner with my soul sister...followed by dessert and movies at home.  An elementary day...

I did a 'celebrity scandal visit' [aka no comment...J] visit of my favourite blogs -you know who you are and I will be back to do the 'celebrity chat show circuit' aka can't stop talking!- one post in particular made me realise something about blogging. 
I will explain in depth in another post but simply and quickly... blogging makes non celebrities famous! And this is a wonderful egalitarian reality.

Have a wonderful weekend and oooh... click this for a dose of absurd yet glamourous hilarity and this to ponder the minuses of the plus factor... 

2 more pics after the jump...

olive satin utility harem pants.  hey. that's the best I can come up with * stripey...-MORE STRIPES!- emerald & teal lurex bell sleeve knit * my second set of feet... [if you're lost, refer previous posts] * vintage sunnies * leather & chain neck braid * baubles and bangles.


Sally said...

I used to love climbing trees as a kid... Don't do that very often now.. mostly because of lack of opportunity! :D
Love the look! :) Totally love the verdigris earrings!! Your Saturday sounds perfect! Have an equally great Sunday! :)

jemina said...

Woooo Mama, watch out for the tree :) and BY GOLLY that first picture is perfection!!! the pose, the clothes, the gal, and the smize :)))

Dusk, you never cease to impress :))

Please post more, I LOVE all of them, truly!!!

I am #teamdusk no 1 :))

Hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend :)

With much much LOVE and BIG BIG HUGS

Tanvi said...

Your photo-shoots are always so much fun. Looks like you were really enjoying the sunny saturday!

Can't wait to hear what it is that you are going to reveal regarding Bloggers/Blogging!

It was a good Saturday here in Texas too. Now Sunday! Mehh! Hate it. Reminds me of schools day!

The October Issue said...

great shoes & accessories!

Leia said...

Oh I feel like climbing a tree now!

Your Saturday sounds absolutely lovely. Yesterday, I met a fellow blogger for a quick item exchange (!), had a Mexican lunch with my parents followed by delicious creamy gelati for dessert, watched Inception, spent a relaxing evening with my aunt, and then went out again for Thai food for dinner.

Hope the rest of your weekend is just fun!


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

This post reminds me of my childhood days climbing trees in the West Indies and Germany. Ah, my favourite tree for climbing is the mangoe tree;-)

Whilst your garmets and jewellery are all fabulous and colourful, I Must say that your Face is the most outstanding factor HERE!;-)

Vintage Vixen said...

I was wondering what to do with myself today, now I think I may take a leaf outta your book (excuse the pun) and climb a tree myself, so liberating!
Fabulous outfit, love the green striped jumper on you, you're almost camoflaged, thank heavens for the pink accessories!
Intriguing mention of blogs. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, you gorgeous woman. xxx

daisybabie said...

the first link to Karl Lagerfeld was funny. Uncle Karl is like that senile old relative everyone has who borderlines on dirty-old-man. Good thing for him the glory of Chanel precedes his time.

always love the outdoorsy shots, chica! for treehuggers and non-treehuggers alike, you can NEVER have too much wood around, i say. ;o)

meggasus said...

Oh wow the jewelery you are wearing in this post definitely catches the eye! That watch is so fun... what an amazing combination!

And what lovely scenery... Where do you take these photos?? There are always such beutiful trees in your photos!

Romany said...

Ah, such beautiful skin...
And I love that you've used such earthy colours in this outfit. Definitely suits you.
I'm in such agreement about the Christina Hendricks article - in the beginning it was cool to focus so much on her body, but now everyone is turning it into too much of a big deal. It's just makes the gap wider and wider...she must be pretty sick of it too. Poor thing.
re: your comment, haha in due time I'll put a picture up! I need to try some reds first. I refuse to post a picture unless I find the perfect red for me. I'm far too shy. ;)


jemina said...

Oh DUSK!!! OMG that hoodie bag!!! swooooonnnnn!!!!!!!
I am resisting temptation now, that bag is wicked!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you're having a fabulous day dear

LOVE ya!!!!!!!!

pixelhazard said...

That top and that colour looks wonderful on you. Love climbing trees

Spardha Malik said...

As always you are fabulous... so so sassy!! You are most definitely the hottest variety of pepper! haha

Nickie Frye said...

Nice shots! I particularly love the boots. xoxo

bollywoodstylediaries said...

looks like your love affair with those shoes is still going strong:-) love the last pic, dont want to think what u are doing there;-)


oh my - i'm seriously coveting your pants! and what better place for a little photo shoot...then up a tree!! love it all x