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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Demi Mure

Hola lovelies... this is a back scheduled post and it's being written at an ungodly hour so please don't expect anything resembling wit or engaging prose.  I always back schedule to the day/date I was wearing whatever I have photographed. the way, THANK YOU all for the comments left on my posts and APOLOGIES for my terrible inability to reply to them!  I very much admire those bloggers that reply to each and every comment.  I will get around to doing this and also answering questions, etc.

Thank you also -you lovely darlings that left a comment on the previous post- for understanding what I meant.  It's not that I don't share who I am.  It's that I don't share all of what I am.  And that may not be a bad thing!  eg. Unless I intend to make this blog a cure for insomnia, tis best I don't share my Rugby Union obsession, political rants, etc, etc.
... but, looking back at my posts I do share quite a bit about about myself.  In measured doses.  So I am true to myself.  You get me as I am in the real world. 

As oxymoronic as this is, I am a private person.  I can stand alone on a stage and sing and perform and give an impromptu speech but once I'm off that stage...I'm a bit of a demure Diva...* 

Hence the title and the usual wordplay.  Was feeling rather demure today.  Except for the fact that this dress makes my... um... cups spilleth over.  So "half" demure.  Like Demi Moore in 'Striptease'!!!


NB: demure is not to be confused with shy.  Also... see and read this, my darling Leia's post about the Privacy Issue... interesting questions... some are actually a bit too revealing for me to answer!

black hooded wool cape * demure yet deadly cream dress * black low scoop neck hooded top worn underneath because it was cold today but no one told my breasts * leopard print wedge booties * vintage sunglasses * various baubles


Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

love the white dress and how the gold accessories complement it. you look great as usual hun!

i have to take a look back at some of your posts.

jemina said...

Ooohh LA LA!!! HAWT to the MAX, and as always, your personality shines in every post, I just LOVE how amazingly beautiful you are inside and out, and mama, I love your sense of humour!!! :)) XOXO

daisybabie said...

that cape is a great piece! and your bracelets are perfect statement making pieces.
everyone's blog should be a reflection of themselves, likes/dislikes, etc. i have a question for ya...who takes your pics? mr. tripod or another? apologies if this is something you've explained in the past; i haven't read through all of your archives yet. cheers! :o)

Leia said...

Hello dearest Dusk!

How odd... I feel the same way - I can get up on stage and perform and give a speech, and I can sometimes be forthcoming when I am meeting people one-on-one (or close friends/relatives), but in bigger groups of people I often retreat into my shell. And - though people call me a 'grandma' - I tend to stay away from occasions where there will be lots of people I don't know, because I feel shy and uncomfortable much of the time!

You look stunning - I am in LOVE with those wedges! And the dress!

When I first joined Facebook I too wanted to be private and not add everyone I had met in person, but I felt 'rude' ignoring school-friends (well, hardly friends - more like people I went to school with) and saying no to their requests. So, instead, I highly regulate my Facebook and don't post much personal information on there, and accept friend requests from people I have met in person and people whose blogs I read regularly!


Tanvi said...

It is rare that I see you in dresses and you look so pretty here. Love your bangles a lot. You look amazing!

While I am forthcoming and very vocal about my thought on paper, on stage I would just retract and stay to myself. And with your last post you again threw me into a self-reflection mode ... Will reflect on my posts for sure! :)

But I am glad to have you around on frequent basis now. Happy Sunday!

Vintage Obsession said...

those shoes!!!!!! howwttttt :) loving the all the bling and gold .The whole look i love :)

agnes said...

magnifique, et ta robe est sublime

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I love this look and the shoes and the golden bangles really glam up the outfit..I am big on privacy becoz I just dont see the need to share everything (for that matter - anything) with everyone but then that's just me:-) Once I know people, I dont mind sharing becoz then we are no longer bloggers/ readers but friends..

Hippie Holly said...

Demure Diva and how! you look absolutely stunning!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

I LOVE you!! I'm so floored by your sexiness here! The dress is soo simply chic. You have such an amazing body...oh and mind too but this one is about the bod :). Love the entire ensemble. :) And lol at the last line...:D :D