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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celestial Homage for India

My skirt (which is actually a halter neck dress) is wild.  It makes me feel like I'm in the middle of the Big Bang... celestial fireworks!!   
A vibrant, dazzling kaleidescope of elemental colours...a perfect skirt to wear during the peak of Perseids Meteor Shower* AND in homage of India's Independence Day... the saffron and green and (hints of) white and the silk paisley print...

I don't celebrate India's Independance Day as such because, although I am truly, deeply, proudly Indian and celebrate Indian festivals, follow rituals and am Hindu** [although other than the fact I don't eat beef, I'm not a practising one!], I am not from India.  I was born in one country, brought up in many others (I'm an Islander) and am a proud Australian. 
I respect and honour this day, my great-grandparents are from India and they left because of the struggles this brave and beautiful country faced in its quest and right to self govern and be recognised. 

It shocks me that India is discounted for so many reasons.  Indian civilisation dates back around 3300 BC!  Through the centuries, India has given the world much of its knowledge and skills and spirituality and culture and lifestyle and activity and food and technology and science... much more.  And yet... what?
Trivial but important example. The world's most recognised entertaiment celebrity, population wise, is an Indian man (the great Amitabh Bachchan, western cinema would have to combine 5 of their greats to make one of him) and yet... Dev Patel is still waiting for Hollywood -that great purveyor of equality. ha!- to come knocking.  sigh

I'll get off my soapbox now, even though the point of view is good from here... J

Happy India Day to all Indians and soul-Indians everywhere and to my Made in India friends... this is for you


Click on these smaller images to see large view.  The last image was taken just after the hail storm.

*I'm a bit of an Astro geek (-nomy and -logy) so I'm always aware of planetary activity.  And oh man, we had some wild weather in Sydney today... a hail storm!  In winter!  Crazy! Then it just disappeared, leaving the sun to wage war with storm clouds.  

**Foremost I am a global citizen and my spirituality reflects that.  I think quite a few of you will understand what I mean. There are many who I feel as I do.


Vintage Vixen said...

Gorgeous lady, fabulous colours, my heart sings whenever I see a new blog post, Dust. I can predict a riot of colour and a thought-provoking post and I'm never disappointed!

Happy Birthday, India. India's come on in leaps and bounds since I first went. From the quaint hand-painted advertising hoardings to sexy men advertising skimpy underpants and every wallah has a mobile phone. It's still my favourite country on earth.

Awww, poor Dev's first Hollywood movie, Airbender, has got a right royal pasting in the press. He's such a cute wee thing, isn't he?


Vintage Obsession said...

The colors in the dress is so beautiful , it reminds of the the earth , As in earth seen from another planet ,moon .Something so spiritual about this :) To compliment your shoes is blue ! The first picture you look so divine and beautiful :)


lovely outfit...the colour inside...nice blog...follow me

Leia said...

Oh Dusk! You look absolutely beautiful. I love the dress and the lipstick... they go so well together. I like your interesting manicure, too! :P And the water stretching out for miles behind you is awe-some...

I feel the same way about being a 'global citizen.' I was born in London, grew up in Bangladesh, with a Pakistani mother and Indian father. My first language is English and I went to an American school filled with students of hundreds of nationalities... so I don't feel that I am from one nation but many. Although, in my mind, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is all still "India" (but that's not very politically correct so I probably shouldn't say it, ha)

And I too wonder why people aren't proud of their heritage. I feel that Indians who are brought up in India have nationalistic pride but those of them born and/or brought up outside India are quick to dismiss its attributes. People in London look down at Freshies/Fresh off the Boat/FOBs and I enjoyed challenging their stereotypes by saying I was a Freshie - straight from Bengal! I am not politically correct but I can't stand stereotypes/generalisations.

Aaanyway... a long-winded way of saying "I agree"!


Vibhuti B said...

You make me whop every time I visit here and then as I read and feast my eyes on your pix I go speechless. DUsk, you really have an impeccable sense of style.
I always have felt that the way you dress you create and enigmatic aura around you..Look at these pix..they have the surreal beauty like any Salvador Dali canvas!
WOW wow WOW..
Happy India day to you too and am happy to know u r a soul- Indian! :))

Crazy Diamond said... the colors on that dress.. and YOUR WATCH!!!!!!! supercute

simplychic said...

i love all the colors! beautiful.

i would love to visit india.

The Perfect ...One said...

You look beautiful !....and a complete diva ..

Tanvi said...

Love the colorful skirt. You know I love paisley so this is extra special to me now ;)

And come to think of it ... it is so much better to be a 'Soul Indian" than to 'think' you are an Indian [just becoz your passport says so] without really ever holding your head high as one! :)

P.S. Love that Alisha's Made in India Song :)

Nickie Frye said...

Oh my gosh, you are gorgeous & these photos are amazing! I'd love to go to India some day. Totally love the culture.

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Spardha Malik said...

i'd killl to see u wear a saree!!!! seriously!!!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Ooh I could never wear so many colours although I love paisley patterns. But you, its different! :)

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

You look so fabulous in this riot of colors and the halter dress that you have transformed so skillfully. You know I love colors- vibrant colors and no one I have known carries them with more panache than you do.
Lovely blog post on independence day.
I love the first picture. It could have been captioned- Gone with the Wind.
I really like your blue shoes, your shades and your bracelet.
You give fantastic shots.

garakami said...

Lol, lovelovelove the dress. I have a couple of those & people think I'm too young to be wearing such sophisticated dresses and loud colors. I tell them to step off.

And happy India day to you toooooo! <3

My absolute favorite photo is the last one. It looks like a flurry of angels will appear from the hole in the middle of the sky. The hail was a present to the earth.

The Goddess of Boho said...

Helllooo! Stunning you look Lady! I love the bold print on that skirt.
Actually I like the concept behind the shoot. It's quite a different take behind the glag colours.
And that bangle. My my! It's one of the prettiest bangles I have seen on your blog.
Happy Independance Day to you to lady!


Sher said...

Darling, you wear colour so well! And you're right, the dress is dang wild!! I love how you painted your nails too, it's what I like to do sometimes:)

I adore Dev Patel and I really hope he goes far, he absolutely has the chops for it!


Keith said...

You look so incredibly stunning. I love these photos. I've always been fascinated by India. My sister works with a lot of Indians. They've invited her to baby showers, etc.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Ah, what a splash of colours... Truly gorgeous and you look beautiful as always! I've never been to India, but from all I hear it must be such an incredible country, full of history and at the same time racing ahead. I guess the tendency of people to fall into stereotypes is mostly just a sign of ignorance.

The Cheeky girl said...

you look like my favorite singer on the first pictures, sade !


Barry said...

Plus one thing you didn't mention, Indian women are gorgeous.

Prutha said...

such a gorgeous dress and on that perfect body of urs!!! speechless..

happy inde day to u too...much love