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Friday, August 13, 2010

Cannot/Do Not...A Stripey List.

I've been wearing stripes all week and all over!  What does it mean??  Nothing.  Sometimes we all just fall in to a pattern... baboomtish.

Yayy it's Friday!  I cannot wait for the weekend! Tis a funny expression that, to say that one cannot wait for something when one is excited about that something because really, you have no choice but to wait, right?  I do not understand it...

Anyyywayyy... a few weeks ago, I was tagged by the Fabulous Tanvi [official title], twas a list of '10 things I cannot / do not'.  More stripes!  Scroll down for my list... and if you want to do it, I would love to read your list in the comments section!

  1. I cannot eat fruit
  2. I do not drink bovine milk (only oat milk)
  3. I cannot be inactive but I believe it's equally important to be good at being still.
  4. I do not tolerate hypocrisy and judgemental people.  In fact I'm rather judgemental about that...
  5. I cannot stand the incorrect usage of "your" in place of "you're".  However statements like this amuse me greatly; "your stupid".  
  6. I do not understand ageism.  Don't we all get older?  Sure I'm never going to see 20 again but neither will the 20year olds.
  7. I cannot do without chocolate.  My current favourite is Lindt Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.  It is my idea of tongue heaven.
  8. I do not have any tattoos and I never will.  This now apparently makes me a rebel.
  9. I cannot apply nail polish to my right hand
  10. I do not have the patience for manicures.
So... even though I'm supposed to tag other bloggers, I'm leaving this open to everyone!  Would love to read your cannots/do nots here or on your blogs.  Have a fabulous weekend queridas!


Vinda Sonata said...

you are a very attractive woman. i love your pictures. you have great facial features, you know.. that outfit suits you very well!!


Number 7! My weirdo husband hates chocolate - so I say more for me, sucker! : )

Vintage Vixen said...

Dearest Dusk, if it looks good stick at at! I love your stripes, the retro brown and orange is just glorious. I swear to you that I have that self same stripey plastic ring. Must dig it out and wear it in your honour.
Loving the facts. Poor grammar makes me seethe, I blame mobile phones. Love the sound of the Lindt chocolate, I'm loving their dark choc with chillies.
Have a wonderful weekend now it's here, oh beautiful one. xxx

garakami said...

I cannot stop laughing at your number 5 "cannot."
I do not want to not be like you when I get older and rock stripes and colors of different variations with such fearlessness. In due time!

PS. that chocolate sounds terrible... who puts sea salt in chocolate??? :( I know there's salt in everything, but for some reason that brand's name made me heave.

Tanvi said...

Looks like we are becoming a contact/permanent feature on each other's blog! [Me likey! ;)] ... And WOW! that you still remembered the tag. I clearly had forgotten about it!

And now ... now cannot eat fruit?!?! Why??! No fruit? Like none?! Totally agree on #3 #6 #7

Tanvi said...

Oh! and I totally forgot how I absolutely love your skirt, the rings, the watch and specially adore your expression in the bottom corner Pic. Priceless! ;)

Taj Acosta said...

Love your list! Your amazing! lol!
Had to do it!
Hope you have a fantabulous weekend ;)

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Haha! I loved reading your answers and I am SO ON YOU WITH #5. (PET PEEVE ALERT!)

I mean, your just asking for it, all bye you're self.

Leia said...

Hello beautiful! I hardly have any stripes in my wardrobe, but I think I fall into a polka-dot pattern more often than not! I'm especially loving the pink/purple touches in your outfit.

You can't eat fruit! Whyyy? I love fruit - I don't eat it very often, but I love it so much. I drink cow's milk, too, although I probably shouldn't. And I don't understand why people like tattoos so much; honestly I find them repulsive!

Have a lovely weekend dear Dusk :)


Kiran Bajaj Sawhney said...

Love "your" stripes.
"You are" an amazing blogger. I love coming back to "your" blog.
Loved "your" list of cannot/ do not.

jemina said...

BABOOMTISH indeed my friend

You are the genius here

Stripes me likey :))

Enjoy your weekend babe

Jemina, xoxo

suruchi said...

Wow Dusk!
Those are some awesome answers...short n sweet n some super dipped in wit!
Like not being inactive n yet sometimes being still....whoa..a world of wisdom there:-)
Ageism...baboomtish...tongue heaven...your stupid....
No one uses words like you do:-)

daisybabie said...

arriving at friday and the weekend...maybe it's like playing tag in school and being the one chased. there's always a safe zone where the chaser can't tag you. you can stop to catch a breath after having been run after. :o)
i can't paint my right hand very well either! on days i try is when i wish i was ambidextrous.

Prutha said...

love the vintage top...

i love chocolate too much.. i really do and am addicted...i think its my moms fault...dont ask how, anything wrong in life to me is apparently genetic..hehehe./...j/k..dont tell my mom..

not having a tattoo makes u rebel is kinda true now a days..i dont have any either..but i want one..jsut havent found my design in the past 10 yrs