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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The 50s Fair

...not for women though... not fair at all in terms of social, political and human rights.  Certainly not in comfort. The girdles and corsets!  shudder.
There is a huge vintage 50s culture revival community in Australia, in the world actually, which blows my mind a bit.  Women have fought so hard for liberation in all forms that I find it weird that women of the naughties willingly embrace the whole 50s look and ideology.  Not just the dress but manner and behaviour.

However, I do believe that this embrace is fundamentally a return to (and longing for) gallantry, formal manners and immaculate grooming and a backlash to a lackadaisical world.   I completely understand this.  Casual is reaching its abuse-by date.  

Also, I am a feminist and I love gallantry.  I have never mistaken gallantry as indicative of a weakness in me.  What utter crap!  [gallantry should never be mistaken for chauvinism.  Men are not chauvinists.  Weak males areAnd while we're here... let me clarify this... Feminists love men.  It's misandrists who hate them.] also hope that the women [and men] who choose to recreate this ideology, understand that they have the best of both worlds.
They have made the choice to dress like this, to live like this.  It is not expected.  And they have a voice. Something which our fore-sisters did not have.  It's easy to dress and act like a 50s housewife when you will never have to be one. 

Anyway... I'm being a party pooper!  The title of this post is in reference to the event of the day.

More pics of me and of the Fifties Fair, after the jump...

Convinced my husband ("ok. should be interesting") and 14yo youngest son ("what?? no!! why are you punishing me??") to accompany daughter and I to the 50s Fair today! 

I do have a few American style 50s dresses, both vintage and vintage-vibe, but wasn't really in the mood to wear them because it would have meant the whole face and hair kit and kaboodle!  Although I do love the look, it requires far too much commitment!  sheesh.  It's a struggle for me to remember to brush my hair once in a while!
...candy colours, catty glasses and polka dots ensemble was my compromise... although I was tempted to wear some of my mum's 50s sarees!  I didn't because these are priceless vintage treasures and I would be traipsing through woods and crowds.

The Fifties Fair is a must-do on the Sydney retrofest calendar... it's held every year at the historic Rose Seidler House. [click on links for more info. click pics for large view. all links & pics will open in a new window.]

It was absolutely fun and fabulous! And I LOVED how the majority of fair-goers were dressed up! The men too! It was a glorious day... the house it is always held at has expansive grounds and people were everywhere!  So many young people!!  Not so many older people.  It seems that many yearn for the "good old days"...except for the ones who were actually there.


CC said...

The glasses are super groovy! Fab photos. :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Arghhh! Your interpretation of the Fifties is far better than the reality. Like you, it's a decade that leaves me cold, all perfect little housewives, strict etiquette and uncomfortable shoes.
Those colours are just amzing, you look divine. xxx
PS I'd soooo love to see your vintage Saree collection one day.


This sentence is so on point!

"It's easy to dress and act like a 50s housewife when you will never have to be one."

If I had to pick a retro decade, I am more of a 70s girl.

bollywoodstylediaries said...

love, love the first pic..I thought its Parveen babi!!u look so glam and I actually dislike the yellow-pink combination, but u have changed my mind..u do have a way with colors..btw, i love corsets worn with jeans..they have such a sexy look to them:-)

meggasus said...

Wow I love these bright colors!! They just pop right out of the screen. Very cheerful! Definitely 50s retroooo

Vibhuti said...

Aaaah what a colourful treat!!
I just love the catty glasses and the polka dotted scarf..But you got to have a slender frame to flaunt that look..
WIsh we had such events here in India too...It would be very interesting to doll up like in the 50s with a dash of naughties to it..:D

Polka Princess said...

The colors are lookin lovely together!!!!! Luv d scarf too... :)

Aria said...

Stupendous Outfit!!
The 50's Fair looks like a blast!
When I was 5-7 tears old I had an obsession with the 50's. So My mom made me poodle skirts and I longed for pink and white raras.

♡ Aria

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Nickie Frye said...

Love the look! And I am all about strong men. I am definitely married to a man's man. I wouldn't complain if he cleaned the bathroom from time to time, though. ;)

Have a great day!

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

That's lovely bright colors on you. Minimal prints!!! Lovely!!!
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Romany said...

Oh this is adorable.
Mad Men definitely came at the right time, no? As women are going further back in time fashion-wise, they're able to witness the true struggles actual women of the time dealt with (even if the show is fictional) - and, as you said, HOPEFULLY feeling grateful that they can have their full-skirted, frilly cake and eat it too.
I'm glad you mentioned the difference between feminists and misandrists. I didn't know this, but definitely feel comforted by the idea now.

Tanvi said...

It is like - I was having a dull (bad day) and then I saw your post ... what happy vibrant colors. You wear them well. I do not think anyone else [except Parveen Babi & You] could pull this off!!! :)

Vibhuti said...

I have found one way to tell you how much I admire your style and the Dusk Zone..Heres a teeny weeny something for you..
Check this if you feel like picking it up

Hippie Holly said...

More than the 50s this reminds me of 70s pop art and very Studio 54 and Andy Warhol. Very bright and beautiful!

Leia said...

I love '50s fashion. I love feminine shapes and silhouttes and women who look polished and remember to put on a slick of lipstick before they leave the house. And I think you look absolutely beautiful! I would have loved to have gone to the '50s fair!


Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

LOVE!! So so so well done!! The candy colours and the 70s fad, all work so well together!

You look hot!

P.S.: Don't mind my succinct comments...I'm so tired..Commenting is one of those ways of letting know I was here and I like it. :)