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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Vivid Night... Circa

Went to see Circa.  [click to see images and video]
... regular readers of this blog will have seen images of me attempting to be some sort of acrobat... I'm not bad but what I do is nothing in comparison to what the performers of Circa do.  I am to Circa, what a matchbox car is to a Maclaren F1

Circa.... awe-inspiring... incredible...sublime...divine... what the human body can do is nothing short of Godliness.
Speaking of which... this is a famous cathedral in Sydney, lit up as part of Vivid Sydney
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one of my many vintage coats * a Guess denim diamante embellished jacket, which I have had for about... hmmm... 15 years so a few more years and this baby is officially vintage... like me * a teal and emerald shot through with gold lurex sweater * one-shouldered asymmetrical hem purple/teal/emerald dress * purple glitter thigh high socks * OTK black boots and yes it was damn cold that night, damn cold and that's why there's only one pic!