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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vivid Fire & Water... FLAMEnco

Our Flamenco troupe performed this Queen's birthday long weekend for Fire & Water, which was a part of  Vivid Sydney... a highlight actually... if you click on the link you'll see some pics and an outline of what it was. 
It was amazing, I'm sorry I can't show you any pics of that. I didn't take any. It was an Australian tale of our Indian cultural heritage, told through the eyes of an Indian-Australian girl and featuring amazing light and smoke shows and acrobats and Kathak dancers and tall ships on the harbour...

So that was the water...our Flamenco troupe provided the fire... we were 'busking gypsies' in the night markets...
Apologies for the lack of images, my beautiful husband and another Flamenco dancer, my lovely friend Sarah, took pics but only I am the Maestro of my camera... and being tall has its drawbacks... back row! Then when I was doing a duo solo or in front, the 'photographers' weren't around! grr.  J

If you're wondering what an Indian theme and Flamenco have in common... strangely enough, a lot.  My Flamenco school does a lot of collaborations with a sister Kathak school and our lot of our eyes and hand and feet movements are similar if not the same. 
I was a Kathak dancer as a child and early teen.


....and okay this is boring and it doesn't get better but this was earlier in the day on Sunday....