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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Sigh-cle of Life...

Hello lovelies and Sorry!!! I'm not apologising for the lack of posts because, well, that would be rather arrogant presumptuous of me.
I'm apologising for not visiting my favourite bloggers and for not visiting the blogs of new commenters and for not replying to all the lovely comments that you generous souls leave for me!
©TheDUSKzone 2010

It's that thing that happens to all of us... you know? Life. Sometimes it takes precedence.  sigh
I'm in the middle of a really busy cycle at the moment and the thing is... I'm not the type to just leave a "hey nice shoes!" comment, I take my time to give your posts their proper due and if I leave one comment on one blog post then I'll want to check out your other blog posts then the other blogs and then comment on them all because this -reading all your blogs- has become a major addiction and it is very possible for me to lose days hours...I see your posts on my blogger dashboard and I am salivating!  I have even clicked on them all but then shut them down, it's like I'm a smoker and you're all my see-garettes!!! 
... where was I?

Right. I'm busy, busier than usual, crazy busy.  We're all busy.  It's all a cycle. The ups and downs, the slow periods, the go go GO periods.  I flow with the go... right now that means I need to slow...

So, that means something has got to temporarily give.  For me it's my blog addiction.  Hello my name is Dusk and I'm a blogaholic.   
...good thing about this addiction is that I will fall off the wagon and let my fingers do the walking -hell no, RUNNING!- over to you!! 

Just as an aside... speaking of cycles... as always after a downturn in the economy, fashion starts showing the first signs of financial spring.  I am currently basing a lot of my work around the fashion and colour factors. 

1) shoes are getting pointy again* - very loosely and generally, this indicates that frugality/walking is no longer required, we're flush with cash and can take cabs everywhere!
2) hemlines are going up - The Hemline Index it seems... global economy wise... we're coming full cycle...we can breathe a sigh of relief...

Thank you for your understanding darlings!!!!!  See you all soon!!!!  I MISS you!!  ♥♥

© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010

*NOT a fan of pointy shoes. I have very wide feet plus I find them extremely impractical and a bit Rosa Klebb-ish...

...and yes this is backdated! I only post pics according to the day outfit was worn!


jso style said...

Hey Dusk, the pictures are lovely, as are the colours. I love how you have shot these, so much colour and fun! I'm loving your glasses.

Hippie Holly said...

You take such lovely pics!! Always without fail looking lovely as always:) Love the sunnies and the scarf..and you look pretty as hell!

Vintage Obsession said...

What a come back, your the queen when it comes to color incorporation :) aweeesome , and i'm really hoping its going to be spring time for the economy :)

Leia said...

Dearest Dusk,
Don't you know how we Dusk Devotees wait (im)patiently, drumming our fingers, hoping that one of your posts pops up on our Bloglovin? I know life gets busy sometimes... but I was so happy to see your new post. I also love that gif cycle thing you've made. And the hemline index is so interesting!

Do grace us with your presence in the online world again soon!

Tanvi said...

Oh! Alright! We understand *hmph!* :P You and your comments are being terribly missed ... Hope you get out of your busy life soon and come back to the good old blogging world :)

Love these pictures and that rotating wheel is so cool. You always have excellent concept with pictures and to top it outfits are gorgeous too!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh Dusk, you have returned! I must admit to starting to worry a little bit when your regulars posts failed to update in my favourites list.
What stunning wellies you're wearing, my dear, combined with the glorious pom-poms and tassel-y scarf, you wear them well.
I've noticed the re-emergence of pointy shoes and I'm filled with fear, not my kind of footwear at all. Hemlines on the other hand I love...sweeping the floor or grazing my thighs, just as long as we're not doing "mid-length"....far too frumpy! Middle-of-the-road anything, no thank you!
See you soon, sweetie!

Leah said...

That's why you've been MIA... I was checking your blog for any posts for the past days. No need to be sorry, we all have our days and we have priorities. Blogging is fun but it can really take up a lot of time. Like right now, I need to finish some work but I was lured to check out my fave blogs instead.

You always have the best surprises... love the circle moving photo. And I love the play of colors in your outfit.

Don't be gone too long. Miss yah! xoxo

The Goddess of Boho said...

Fabulous as always! I'm loving the dash of pink here and there and how the pictures actually go with the theme of the post.
You know I second you on the salivation thing. I return to blogspot after a while to see so many new posts and I go insane trying to decide which one i want to see first because I want to see all of them. At once. And there is never enought time.
Blogaholics us. *sigh*

S and O said...

interesting wheel thing:D


♦Crazy Diamond♦ said...

it's okay! as long as you keep updating your own blog :) your readers love you, and know that you'll be back when you can.

so chill! have fun. enjoy..take your own time.

love the glasses btw ♥

hemlines going up! oh man..time to get serious . i've been sitting since long! i'll get off my ass right away!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I was about to leave msg asking u where u disappeared? dont worry, take ur time, we will be waiting...

cant believe u actually found a huge circle to pose in!!u are amazing!!

Taj Acosta said...

No worries doll, we will still love you after your blog sebatical! It's super addicting! Trust me, the last two days I didn't even want to dive into blog land currents because I just get swept away for hours and get nothing done here in lala land! What a luxury huh! Hugs to you dear! xoxo

Sher said...

Gosh, you are hilarious, Miss Dusk!

And I totally understand the blog addiction, I myself am privy to it. Every morning, I have to go through my reading list and believe me when I say it's getting tediously long:P

I've always loved reading your thoughtful comments. You're the best, hun!

Come back soon:)


Christina said...

Cycles. You're absolutely right about that. Good luck with wherever your life is heading! I know things will work out for you.

Spardha Malik said...

Hi I'm Spardha and I'm a blogaholic too! But I'm NOT going to a rehab...
I looove these crazy colours and ur totally crazy posts.. that spinning idea is totallly awesome!!

Oh and 'hey nice shoes!' ... no, really!!

garakami said...

Shit I missed you! Honestly, I'm in one of those cycles myself. Last week I saw your new post and was like, "YES! I'm gonna comment," then a couple seconds later all the thoughts that I was thinking, which would flow through my fingers and eventually patter across my keyboard turned into a drawn out... "I'll do it tommorrow." And that turned into lots of days. And my comments stacked, and so did other's posts.

Anywho, look at that wheel go! Your smile always makes me smile, and so are those sunnies! The colors kinda just made my day!


Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Totally relate. I can write a book on "How to be MIA" you know! That's how life is these days!!

I lve how your writing always has the touch of humour! So much fun reading! :)

Love the last photo and love the pink!! :)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

ok, so thanks for taking time to comment on my blog even though you are having somewhat of a blogging hiatus. it's obvious you needed a fix! :)

i know what you mean about seeing a blog post and then reading everything and continuing the cycle with other blogs you follow. it is quite addicting when you follow great blogs!

hope to see more posts (and comments) from you soon, luv.

Romany said...

I have wide feet too, but I find that pointy shoes make them look much nicer, personally. I was looking for flats earlier in the year, and refused to look at any pairs that weren't pointy. Haha.
Life DOES take precedence, go live your life! :)
And in response to your AusNTM comments - I very much agree with this "People want to see Tahnee. The fashion industry wants the people to see Cassi." -- which is what sooo annoys me about how viewers have a say in who wins. It's completely ridiculous and dooming the winner to failure, because Australia doesn't know what the industry wants. They'll vote for the prettier girl. The nicer girl. The more relatable girl. Not the better model. Anytime it's been a tie, and the Aussie vote has the decider, that's when the wrong choice is made and the winner's career just doesn't last...Sigh. When will they learn?

michelle_ said...

am not a fan of the pointy shoes as well ! they hurt my feet !!

i love ur sunnies though :)

Vinda Sonata said...

hi dusk, fab pictures, dear! i really like them all. you know, you're a very good blogger and your comments do really make me smile. so... i'm also droppin by to say thanks! :) i'm so glad knowing there are nice people out there who care a lot about people. you really are a nice person, honestly, one of my favorite person in the blogosphere :)

by the way, take your break. it's necessary! sometimes when i start feeling overwhelmed by all of those blogging matters, i disabled my wireless connection, read my favorite books, and abandon my blog for a few days before i come back to it. hehe.

i'll miss you. take care and good luck for everything!! stay fab!! ^^

suruchi said...

Hey Dusk, are super cute, you know that!
I have always silently admired the fact that you always drop by on my blog and make an effort to delve into the soul of my blabbering and comment amply and generously!

It makes my day to see someone bothering with long and conversational comments, and hence I do not mind stopping a lot of what I do to get down to replying each one of them!
You are one such pleasure to the eyes and smile inducer for the face...seeing you in all your glory on your blog or in all your wit in my comment box is an absolute delight anytime n always!

So I wish you all the very best and I hope you whirl through your gorgeous way in that cycle of life and keep bouncing back to us, whenever you can!
And we do understand!
So see ya soon!

P.S Looooooooooouve your smile in the third pic...seems like coming straight from the heart...touchwood:-)

Nina said...

Your message helped me through a very rough patch ... thank you so much!

Fourth Daughter said...

Interesting points on the pointy shoes (no pun intended there).. would be great if we do come out of the GFC and I can get an amazing job at last...
I'm sure we're all looking forward to having you visit again but it's nice to have real life take precedence over the internet sometimes!

(always)alanna said...

aw you're so sweet- don't worry girl! i can totallyyy understand and feel the same way oftentimes. love this outfit- its definitely inclusive of the color i've been lacking in recently..

SabinePsynopsis said...

I'm very happy you are still managing to put together entertaining rotation pics and looking fabulous, Dusk! But you got me all curious... What are you doing, if it's not blogging. Please tell!!! xxx

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Hello my love! I ADORE the last photo of you, and your smile is GORGEOUS!!! I'm totally feeling like you....super busy right now, so I completely understand! Life gets like that. I am a loyal follower of your's so take all the time you need! :)


Keith said...

I do love the photos. Life has to take center stage. I took off from blogging from months so I totally understand that there are times you have to step away for a few days or so.

suruchi said...

Hi Dusk...
Awww...I can’t post comments?:-(
My god are super harsh on yourself!

But that’s actually what makes you stand out in the milling crowd
Please do check out my blog though for just a peek n to collect a little award I left there for you...coz you are so super special n amazing...

Hope to see you back in form soon after all the gaps in the bridges have been met!:-)