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Sunday, June 27, 2010

How Do You Read This?


Let me know only if you feel like it, otherwise just ponder the point yourself...

Anyway, today. Had a soup date with my husband!
What's a soup date you ask. Wehll. My husband makes the best winter soups* and on random days, at random times, we'll set up a table with chairs, tablecloth, tableware, the lot, somewhere, anywhere, preferably by water (if we're not on our boat) but forests are good too and well, we'll eat soup, with crusty Spelt bread. And cheeses, chocolate and coffee or masala chai.
So yes, a picnic but we create our own rest-aurant!  Yes there is a dress it was... souper colourful!!!! J

We don't do it to 'escape' or have 'us time', we have loads of that, and no the children aren't with us, our children are older, the youngest is 14 and other things *cough*girls*cough* occupy his weekend time now.

We'll talk. Or not. We don't feel the need to 'fill' space. We're so in tune with each other words are not instrumental.  he he. I was practising my castanets though (with noise padding on!) 

I'm also not holding us up as [cue. drumroll; v/o. booming male voice with echo fx] 'The Adventures of An Exemplary Couple'. Many many people understand what I'm trying to express. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that... these soup dates are [some] moments in time that make me sigh and glow and KNOW that happiness is in the here and now...

vintage homemade skirt * yellow sweater over blue top * cream & gold lurex scarf * vintage sienna leather boots * crazily colourful rings, click last pic to see them


*My husband is an amazing cook, he's the 'main' household cook, and thankfully our children inherited his cooking talents, one son is an apprentice chef.  If they'd inherited mine, we'd be eating toast.  Everyday. However I do make good reservations.  baboomtish


Leia said...

now, here is happiness :)

This idea of you and your husband having soup dates sounds so wonderfully romantic. And you look so beautiful! I love the colors you're wearing and your lipstick. That skirt is homemade?! It's awesome!

I really hope that when I get married, my husband is the 'main' cook. Because my bf is an amazing cook. And I can only 'bake' (i.e. sweets) so we'd be living off cakes and puddings and cookies (and toast) if it were my job!

By the way, I hope you share a picture of your husband one day :)

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

I lurrrrrrrrrve that skirt!!!

Office Style - 12

Tanvi said...

I love you Dusk! Have I told you that? Oh well! I do :) Reading your posts ... makes me feel your love for your husband. It's so romantic and yet more. Like friends but more than friends and not-just-lovers. Well I am sure you get what I am saying :)

I love these pictures. Your skirt is amazing. The third and fourth picture from top are exemplary ... Beautiful! Makes me wanna go and dance around tress like in Hindi movies ... hahaha ... You have a wonderful smile. Smile which expresses your inner peace and happiness. Which is inspiring and sacred at the same time. [oh my ... am I under a spell! or what?!]

Abt the Tattoo's ... I see your point of view. It is something which I wouldnt have done. I wasn't even very obsessed about it or had planned either of them ... but I do not regret them either. I never realise i have them till someone point them out to me. So I guess that's a good thing.

If I ever got the third one, it would either be husband's name in Hindi script or Satya Mev Jayate also in Hindi script [since I am all about the honesty and truth] but it is very unlikely that I will get a third tattoo coz husband really doesn't like it!' and I am not 'that' crazy about it to pressure him.

I, too, do not to approve of OM or Hindu Gods being tattoo'd on people's body parts. There is something very wrong about that.

And lastly the collar bones... I have had them since childhood. Even when I was a chubby [read: fat] kid i had collar bones which made me feel real special ... haha! :) *blush*

bollywoodstylediaries said...

"now here is happiness"..and its so goes with ur post..I was nodding my head when u wrote "we dont need to fill space". Just being around is happiness:-)

now the outfit, I love this shade of yellow and this is going to be my fav. outfit..Its so perfect for winters when everything around is brown..u look like a pretty flower in the forest:-)

Hippie Holly said...

I can't get over the happy print of your skirt!! Its perfect for your soup dates. Me thinks you ought to patent these wonderful ideas and expressions you come up with..soup dates, silk scarf friendships :)They merit being in common usage and one ought to know where they originated.

bollywoodstylediaries said...

"now where is happiness" so goes with ur post. i was nodding my head when I read "we dont need to fill in spaces". Just being around is happiness:-)

Abt the outfit, this is such a glorious shade of yellow and this is going to be my fav. outfit. So perfect for winters when everything around is brown. You are like a pretty flower in the forest:-)

Tanvi said...

P.S. I forgot to mention I read - NOW HERE IS HAPPINESS ... but I also read NO WHERE IS HAPPINESS! ... coz I am analytical ... so wanted to be honest. What does that mean?!?!

Vintage Obsession said...

owwww yellow , i just did a post on yellow to :) that skirt is gorgeousness :)
I really wanna come down to Australia,just to hug you :)

Leah said...

NOW Here is is a happy contented lady who is very much in love with life. I admire your "we" time with the hubby. I know a lot of couples after more than a decade of being married, who are losing the magic. It's our choice to keep the magic alive and you surely are doing it.

And your skirt is such a happy skirt. I love it! xoxo

Empress said...

Gorgeous woman in a gorgeous skirt. You remind me of Sade.

True Queen

Fourth Daughter said...

Fabulous skirt that matches perfectly with the orange flowers! I wish I could have a soup date, it sounds so sweet... thanks re the cougar comments too, it's such a double standard thing isn't it! And it's hardly our fault when there's such handsome men out there who just happen to be younger...!!

Haddock said...

Must try out this soup date with my wife.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Happy, joyous colours dominates here. Ah, that yellow blouse is so striking on you. It makes your face happier and it is also the colour of the sun.

Your sirt is indeed the perfect companion to your blouse. Am sure they were very happy together on your figure;-)

Ah, there you are again with your warm smile like islands in sun.
What a fun thing to do with one's husband; a soup date! See, you are so unique;-)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

what a beautiful skirt! it is perfect for you and the scenery. love the soup date and how you felt happiness without having to voice it. :)

michelle_ said...

i love how u brought the yellow tones in the skirt more lively by wearing the yellow sweater !

ps. that was a funny incident with the commenting thing ;)

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

A soup date sounds divine! I adore your homemade skirt (wow!!!) and the yellow are seriously the queen of putting together the most beautiful and creative outfits. The colours are beautiful and I will say it are GORGEOUS!


Vintage Vixen said...

How on earth did I miss this divine post, Dusk?
J and I love to just sit side by side, eating and enjoying the peace and tranquility. It really is perfect to pass time in perfect tranquility just sharing a harmonious moment with the one you love.
The whole outfit is just glorious, the fabulous handmade skirt, the yellow jumper and those divine boots.

Spardha Malik said...

You carry your own wind machine with you, don't you??

Ah, scratch that.. being a goddess, i bet you command the wind to blow your skirt just enough to make our jaws fall!!

you gorgeous, gorgeous lady!!

mom & son said...

Hello Darling!
Thank you and I am happy to met a blogger
mommy like you yet a fashionista.
Like your blog too, darling!

jso style said...

I love this post because it is so happy and the yellow looks beautiful. How do you do that with your skirt? The soup date is a great idea. Have to try something like that with my husband too :)

Sofie said...

Wow this is so vibrant! Just gorgeous!

Mollie said...

your blog is so cool!
i love it!
i follow you, will you follow me?

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Love your yellow top and the boots are to die for!! :)