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Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy One-Oh-WON!

I won an award!! Okay, okayyy.  I didn't win it but dang sugah... it sure as heaven feels like I did! 
As I have said before in (aherm) other award posts (subtle aren't I?), award-tagging is a great way to spread the word about other blogs and also, it's really nice to be acknowledged by your peers, particularly if the one acknowledging you is as fabulous as Taj Acosta from Gorgeous Glam!

Gorgeous Glam is aptly named, full of gorgeous, glamourous images and voluptuous words and infinite wisdom.  Taj* is as regal as her name suggests... I love her outlook and her joie de vivre*Taj means 'crown' in Hindi

© theDUSKzone 2010

So according to the 'rules' of this tag-award, you've got to list
10 things that you love, 10 things that make you happy.
It's hard to choose just 10...I checked with my last list and pretty much nothing has changed.  If you're curious click this to read my previous answers. [please note, all links open in a new window]. 
Here goes and again, bar the first, everything else is in random order and is what is making me happy as of time of writing;

1.My family - particularly at dinner times, loud and crazy and full of life and love.  When I say I have a big family, I mean I have a BIG family.  Our dining table can seat 12... some nights, it's not big enough... and... 1. My husband.  We make each other glow.  You know?

2.Flamenco & Bikram Yoga - more and more I am absorbing the essence of Flamenco and my spirit dances, not my mind.  And how I ever lived without Bikram yoga I do not know.  I crave this.

3.My silk scarf relationships - I am not going to explain this any further other than to ask you to understand that for me, the best relationships/friendships/'connections' feel like silk scarves against my skin.  Have just realised that a new friendship is developing in to this...magic.

4. Linguistics - I love languages!  Am currently brushing up on Cantonese and Spanish.  When I don't need it, my brain forgets the language and then, it reboots.  I find it very easy to learn another language, wish I could speak at least 100 languages, can speak a  few, can say "hello", "thank you", "goodbye" in many and swear in many more...

5. My dress sensibility - the fact that some days (and you will never know these days because that's the whole point) I am dressed top to toe for less than AUD$20... oooh, may I add finding a major bargain at an op-shop? 

6. Aromas -  my Vanilla perfume, coconut body oil, food, the scent of a loved one... the smell of winter, bread, coffee...

7. Making others happy - as corny as this sounds, I LOVE making people happy.

8. Reading a really good article/story/post/book

9. Eating without guilt.  Eating chocolate without guilt.  It's one of my 'tools'.  I eat copious amounts of food.  Food is a pleasure not a pressure.

10. Recently purchasing AUD$1200 worth of shoes for AUD$198... 3 pairs of killer shoe porn... and yes I am aware this makes me sound shallow but... somedays I'm as deep as an ocean, somedays I'm a puddle...

So...without further ado because there's already been a lot of that, I pass this award on to the following bloggers.  Their blogs make me very happy.
These are some of my favourite bloggers I have not nominated before. Again it's hard to pick just 10...

[but do check out my Blog Awards category to see my other nominated favourites]

The brilliant and graceful Kahani from Frocking Around
The wickedly funny and clever Fourth Daughter from Style Wilderness
The vivacious and sassy Tamanna from Frenchleave
The suave and debonair Keith from Sugar and Spice [not sure if he'll 'play' but just check his blog out anyway!]
The lovely and vibrant Hippie Holly [and Sally] from Hippie by Heart, Thinks Fashion is Art
The beautiful, smart & multi-talented Leia from Leia's Delights
The spirited and eclectic Spradha Malik from It's Uber Chic
The magnetic enigma that is Kenita from Garakami

The elegant and majestic Fashion, Art and Other Fancies
and although I have nominated her before I am nominating her again... I adore her personality...her writing and attitude.  Her recent posts have left me happy because they make me ponder so...
The requirements of the award are:

  • List 10 things that make you happy

  • Try and do at least one of them today

  • Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day

  • Link back to the person that tagged you. this case, that's me! Down there!  In an oversized jumper, which looks good in motion but in pics looks like I'm wearing a sack!  I am wearing killer suede wedge ankle boots though over thigh-high socks over leggings so click on pic to see large view.

Phew.  This is a long post.  Sorry peeps.


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Ah, to be included amongst such fine bloggers. Congratulations on the award, sweetie and how kind of you to think of me;-)
I love the way you create and re-creative; you are so creative, too;-)

Leah said...

You are the only person I know who took effort in "framing" the award... love the idea. You are really awesome.

You know what... I am as corny as you... I love making people happy too. :-)

Have a great week ahead my dear friend! xoxo

Tanvi said...

Your list is fabulous. Such a wonderful read :) My husband. We make each other glow. You know? - That's almost poetic. Are you planning to ever feature him on the blog? May be?

And you are not shallow. Shoes are not for the faint hearted. A whole outfit is standing on the strength of the shoes ... mostly!

Every post we learn something new about ... now what did you say? You are ALSO a linguistic? Your fabulousity is beyond bounds, no?

Lastly, THANK YOU! for the award. It's always a pleasure you receive it from the Diva, herself :) I think while you were away you missed a post of mine.

Here is a list of 10 things that I love,

michelle_ said...

that's sooo cute that you incoporated the award into ur photo :)

Leia said...

Ooh I just finished writing you an e-mail and up you popped onto my Bloglovin'!

Okay, time to list all the things I love about this post...

- the way you put the award into the picture! You are such a good photo-editor.
- your colorful outfit and big smile (although I love this in every ONE of your posts)
- the fact that you tagged me! Yay! Thank you!
- all the new blogs you've introduced me to! I'm going to check them out right away!

And as for the tag, do you mind if I tell you the 10 things that make me happy right here and now? Is that breaking the rules?? Well I'm such a rule-keeper in all other aspects of my life, I've got to break the rules SOMEwhere :P (I've also linked to you here)

1. My family! I have a big family too and absolutely LOVE it.
2. My boyfriend (blush) although he's like family, too.
3. Music! Couldn't live without it.
4. Aromas, tooo! I don't know if I told you but I wear Body Shop vanilla, too, and it's just absolutely lovely. But the smell of something yummy coming out of the oven, or flowers.
5. Reading. Especially stories or books that change your life...
6. Meeting new, wonderful people (like you!) and reconnecting with old friends.
7. Food. Yum. Cooking and eating with others, especially. And cuisines from around the world.
8. Teaching, especially music. The feeling of instilling even a tiny grain of wisdom into someone else is such an amazing feeling!
9. Hot drinks, especially in the winter. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate: you name it, I love it!
10. Umm, clothes. I can be a bit materialistic here, too, can't I? I just love dressing up, putting on make-up, doing my hair and my nails... I don't spend much time on it, but what little time I DO spend is always fun.

Whew! That was long. Hope I didn't bore you! Ciao bella!

MarchMusings said...

How good to be given an award. Congrats. My first time on your blog. Will return soon

thesydneygirl said...

hi beauty! i don't wear bright colours in winter ;) sometimes ill add a hint of a bright colour to my outfit though.

you look great!


Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Hello Love! Congrats on your SOOOOO deserved award my dear! Your beauty takes my breath away every time I visit you....and I love those boots! It is so sweet that you say your husband and you make each other glow, that is exactly how me and my husband feel. It is refreshing to hear you feel that way too! Also, I love languages too and I wish I could speak so many more also! When I moved to Italy, I absolutely loved the challenge of learning Italian and using it every day. That experience is what left me desiring to learn so much more and many more languages. This brain needs more room! :) You have fulfilled #7 completely because you ALWAYS make me happy!!!! :):)


Hippie Holly said...

Awwww thanks so much are such a doll :))) You inspire me in so many ways, this post for instance I am going to borrow some of your pieces of wisdom- eating without guilt for one. I love 'silf scraf relationships' its just lovely :)

Ooohhh I love them boots!!!

Fourth Daughter said...

Hi, I'm Fourth Daughter and I'm the wickedly funny and clever one!!
Thanks for this, I'm very honoured especially as my blog is so low-tech in comparison with yours that probably slices and dices and maybe even removes cat fur from clothing! (nah, who am I kidding, I don't think there is any invention that could ever get rid of cat fur)
I will respond to this tag-award game when I've recovered from the last tag I did which was only a few days ago... my brain cells need a bit of time to recharge!
(ps love the bit about the puddle!)

jso style said...

Hey Dusk, congratulations on the award. I love the colours you wear. I realise that I have very little colour in my wardrobe and I'm consciously making a decision to NOT buy greys, that I have some many of.


The Goddess of Boho said...

Love the list.
When you say things like you make each other glow, well it gives people like us a lot of hope :)
Your line about the ocean and the puddle is totally making me grin.
Though I would agree with Tanvi.
You're anything but shallow.
May be you can feature your scarves, like you have featured your bag in the previous post.
Have a fabulous day and congratulations! :)

P.S. I thought the idea of actually framing the award was brilliant!

SabinePsynopsis said...

... and making people happy, naturally. Because you get what you give! xoxo

SabinePsynopsis said...

Congratulations, Dusk! You do glow in this picture and your 10 points cover the essential things of life, think: family, food, good smells/aromas, yoga & shoes! xoxo

Vintage Vixen said...

Only you would be creative enough to pose with a framed award! Totally unique and awesome as per usual, Dusk!
Love all the interesting factoids.

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

congrats my dear. love the frame! :)

Dusk said...

Hello lovelies... thank you for all your lovely comments... all greatly loved and appreciated! Thank you so much for your patience and to some of you.. thank you for continuing to come back regardless of my lack of response or reciprocity!


@ Leia - lovely, you could never bore me!