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Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello my lovelies... I'm not quite back...just reaching out and bridging the gap...

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As I mentioned in a previous post I've had to put the blogging on the backburner for a while (the blogburner?)... it's not so much the blogging, because taking photographs and uploading them is easy and being a bitextual writer who writes in themes, the 'melody' comes easily to me... it's not that that requires the time, I'm not jaded, nothing is a chore, I'm not under any illusions that blogging is an obligation... it's a pleasure, not a pressure!
It's the luxury of reading all the fabulous blogs I follow that requires the time.

I'm a journalist and professional shopper* by day and a Jedi Knight by night and when the Farce is not with me J then I like to 'harvest' extra time to focus on other things.  [we all do this]

Getting serious about the physical things I do or studying/learning some new thing or wanting to spend more time with my husband and children and friends or needing to spend less time at my computer.  I like being unplugged.  That's why I don't have a laptop, I work on a PC and I will never get a crackberry or iphone or anything like that.  I do not like this white noise.  However, I am a major technophile, love the latest hardware, software, write HTML code, LOVE gadgets, LOVE this age of communication but I refuse to be a slave to it. 
... and Jedi's use the Force Farce Force.

There are also times when I need to 'lock down', get tunnel vision and focus.  This is mainly deadline and study related.  This is one my lock down times.  I'm fairly ruthless at this.  I say fairly because when I'm at my computer, I do keep my dashboard open and take a blogcheck break to see what new posts are up so I am doing 'flybys'. 
And getting glimpses.

[Hello?  tap tap Blogger Admin?  Hi there... is it possible to get something similar to the facebook 'Like' button, preferably a 'Love' that allows the blog owner to see who likes their post?  
I realise that Mr Brin and Mr Page won't like being told that Mr Zuckerberg's got a better idea but it's okay, Google was here first.  So think about it?  Yeah?  Because I really really really would love my favourite blogs to know that I'm still part of their traffic.  I'm just not tooting my horn at the moment!]

Thank you for your lovely, generous comments and emails.  I have disabled Comments on my recent posts, seeing as I'm not commenting on your posts, I'm keeping it fair!!

*Professional shopper - this is not a joke! I really do get paid to shop for other people!