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Monday, June 14, 2010

Can't see the trees...

...for the forest...  
Yes, yes I know... the saying is "can't see the forest for the trees" and it means that one is so absorbed with the details that one can't see the bigger picture. 

Anyway... the original saying is certainly true for many but I think sometimes one does need to focus on the details to appreciate the bigger picture.  Particularly when it comes to ourselves.  In order to see ourselves clearly, sometimes we need to shut our eyes to the bigger picture.  The bigger picture being our 'outer' selves.

I was reduced or rather, elevated to tears at the end of a recent Bikram class.  My beautiful light-full yoga teacher James talks to us about all sorts of matters throughout the class, when we are in savasana and then 'joins' his seemingly random thoughts in the last savasana... at the end of this class he talked about our hearts and how they serve us from go to woah, non-stop, through thick and thin... reminding us what a wonderful thing they do for us!  And do we thank our hearts for this huge responsibilitty??

No.  We don't.  We don't thank any of our body parts. We're so quick to lament though!  So quick to complain and whinge when our bodies don't serve us or please us like they should.  And don't start me on what a great sin women commit against themselves when looking in the mirror with gross coloured glasses.

Anyway... I started crying.  Not big melodramatic sobs.  puh-lease.  I'm dramatic NOT a drama queen.  Lucky I was sweating profusely.  I was ninja crying! 

My eyes filled up with tears because I was overwhelmed with love for my heart. I wanted to hug my heart and kiss it and thank it for everything it does throughout everything it experiences.  Only way to truly do that was to close my eyes and focus on the details.  For the good of the bigger picture.