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Thursday, May 20, 2010

That F Word...

I see no dichotomy between feminine and feminist.

I am a feminist.
That does not mean I want to be equal to a man or like a man. eww. Dude no. So don't want a penis.  That also does not mean I;
a) hate men (oh no, not all, I LOVE men. Am madly in love with one, am mother to a few, friends with many and would like to massage Liam Neeson's naked back and what? oh sorry.  I are sublime creatures.  Of course they are.  Women give birth to them...)
b) write books about the fight for equal rights but don't actually like women (thank you Greer & Dworkin).  For the record. I LOVE women. LOVE. For all and every reason.
c) don't wear a bra.  (understood the reasoning but didn't see the point.  I mean...swing low sweet charitits...)

All feminism means to me is the belief that I am entitled to the same social, economic, political and human rights as any other sex that inhabits this universe. Also means that I am free to choose my role in life without having to justify it.  And that I can wear 'man style' without compromising my womanhood.   

Being a feminist simply means that I have the ovaries to to live life the way it should be led.  Yin Yang...

© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010
© theDUSKzone 2010© theDUSKzone 2010

lavender sweater * black & stripe waistcoat * manstyle pants * white jacket * scarf * Yin Yang earrings * badges that pretty much sum up my attitude; "why so serious?" and.... "Trust me.  I am a Jedi." J


Leia said...

Those nails! <3

jso style said...

I totally second your opinion about feminism. the term is so overused without any real depth. And love your corporate look, very hot!! Love those earrings

The Goddess of Boho said...

True that lady.
So glad to meet another Feminsist on Blogosphere.
great outfit.
Love the badges.
Love the bit of golden between the purple nails :)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

oooh! love the purple and black combination!! I love, love ur second pic - u look soo cool!!

totally agree with u where feminism is concerned..we all are equal and should be treated as such..being a feminist to me is all about ensuring that we have the right to choose how to lead our lives..

Leah said...

I am a feminist too... the bra part, sometimes I don't. Hahaha! I don't have much to cover anyway.

You look so serious and fierce in this ensemble... any man would be scared to fool around with you. I absolutely love the fun nail colors too.

Have a great weekend Dusk! xoxo

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

I am mesmerised by the beauty of your face in these photos! You have been blessed with a beautiful body and a gorgeous face that others should envy! The white jacket is beautiful, and I love the androgynous look which has a similar feel to this outfit. We designed a jacket & skirt a few months ago and the outfit looked very androgynous which I loved!

What an inspiring post....and ever-gorgeous beauty that you are! :)

Tanvi said...

I like the second picture on the right a lot :) Plus love the golden nail colour between the purple! .... Love your style lady! :) ... I think we have already discussed this on my blog previously! So without sounding repetitive... I appreciate your definition of being a Feminist. :o) Girl Power!

garakami said...

I love the points you've made! Just today when I was coming home, my nipples were so sensitive from my raging hormones that I had to remove my bra. I did that in public, with my mother by my side, and in front of three men. After taking it off I swung it around my head and yelled "FREEDOM!"

Make sure your hubby doesn't catch you with those thoughts of Neeson ;D

Love the outfit, and I want your buttons ! You look amazing.

PS. Who does take your photos?

Vintage Obsession said...

Ahh what a superb Androgynous look the jacket is haouuttt :)lovvedd it :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

Totally agree! How can a feminist be anti-feminine, I wonder. I have to laugh about the bra thing. My mum stopped wearing bras in the 70s and I was nearly 30 when I realised that bras come in different sizes. Naturally I had no idea which size I was.

Tuesday said...

Understand what you mean and totally agree with it, though I seldom wear bra (lol!) yes, I'm flat chested... sad :(

DailyDoseOfAloha said...

you are hilarious! sweet charitits... ahah. love your writing voice in my head!

Dusk said...

Thank you for your comments lovelies! But of course we all believe the same... it's why we all have our voices 'out there' and why we all 'fit'.

@ Daily Dose of Aloha - I love that you get that hon!

@ Garakami - I think I commented about this on your blog yes hon? I take my pics using my Fuji finepix digicam, tripod and 10 second timer with 1, 3 or 12 frame.
...I have a huge collection of buttons!!

@ Sabine - that's funny hon!

Thank you again lovelies!