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Saturday, May 8, 2010

An axe to grind...

1. to have a grievance, a term stemming from a whole lot of interesting stories, none of which ring true.
2. what a guitarist has to do with what a guitarist uses. (eg. what I'm doing in the 1st pic.  I have awesome air-guitar skills.  I'm like Clapton and Carlos rolled in to one.  Except not.)
3. ...then of course there's always an actual axe that needs to be sharpened... we're building our stockpile for winter.  Yes this is what all stylish lumberjacks are wearing this season. 
Actually no. I should have been wearing....clogsbaboomtish.  thankyervereemuch.

theSUSKzone 2010 

vintage weird but intriguing top * burgundy knickerbockers * sex on boots * bangles cost me aus$4. for both. op-shop finds. you may weep now. * two watches. just because.

Also...please don't think I cut all that wood. I would if I could but alas I can't... and didn't. I do cut some, okay, one, alright, none, although it's a great muscle builder and I have cut wood before but the serious woodchopping is done by my broad-shouldered darling.  I just grind my axe...[cue: smokin' riff]



jso style said...

Lovely concept, love the top, seems interesting, i'd love to see a more detailed picture in the future :)

Vintage Obsession said...

Oh forgot to ask you !! how did you that in the first pic?? loving it :)

Vintage Obsession said...

$4??? here its available for 20 Rs == half a dollar :)
but your boots are making me weep , they always do , sigh:)
your E bay account does not seem very active may be , just maybe these hmmm, errr boots should go up there :-) wink wink :)

Tanvi said...

Love Love Love your shorts :) So bloody awesome. Plus I am digging the two wrist watches and the chinky bangles! :)

* Reena Rai * said...

I love that you are wearing two watches!

The Queen of Hearts said...

I absolutely love love love your blog! I've been going through the last few weeks of your posts and I am just blown away by your confidence and your beauty! Everything about you is just incredible -- your figure (your legs are out of control) hair and skin are out of this world.

well, after this, I should think nothing of falling down stairs

Rock'n Roll Ballerina said...

You look great! And you are so great in wearing colors, I must be better at that! ;) Have a great weekend! See you, I'll follow, what about you;)

Fashion Butter said...


myrrh goldframe said...

do you really ever lived in Surabaya ? wow!!!! i love your blog as well. you're such a fierce lady. Where are you from? you got such an exotic face. and i like it. <3

suruchi said...

Hi Dusk....
I am watching with a gaping mouth at the screen wondering if your pics are more awesome or the hilarious write up about it..
Air guitar skills...lolzzzzzzz
Two that!:-)
You would if you could but alas you can’t and u didn’! what a genius therein!

N broad shouldered darling....hmmm....why couldn’t he have been in the backdrop somewhere too?;-)

Leah said...

This is fabulous... if lumberjacks look this cute, I wouldn't mind being one instead of a photographer. And I love the effects you did in the pic. Awesome!

Happy Mother's day my dear friend! xoxo

Leia said...

haha, best dressed lumberjack ever!

also, how funny that we both went for animated gifs at the same time. fashionable minds think alike? or some such thing? :)

Style by Skeide said...

You look stunning darling:)

Harriet said...

I love that crazy top! All the different colours and patterns go together so well. Really loving the gif as well, awesome!

thesydneygirl said...

now you see her, now you don't! x

Dusk said...

Thank you lovelies! Hope you are all well, will respond in depth and come over your way soon!

Dusk said...

Hello again lovelies... will take a better photograph of the top, have received some emails about it from eBay regulars so will be listing the top soon.

Also, the 'disappearing' pic is an animated gif, 2 pics on top of each other.
It's a favourite technique with me as I take a lot of continuous/burst shots and this gives me something to do with all of them!
I have an 'animated' category where you can see older examples of animated gifs... here and here

...and Sassy...those boots aren't leaving me just yet!! And even if I did decide to move them on, I have gigantic feet! UK size 7, Eur 41, you'll swim in them!