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Monday, April 26, 2010

Tip #4: Handy Tip

Don't wave to people at auctions.

Also...when you've finished applying sun protection moisturiser to your face, massage in the excess on the back of your hands. [and I'm basing this reminder on the fact that I'm sure by now we all religiously apply an SPF15+ moisturiser to our faces. Yes? Yes.]
... we often forget about sun protecting them unless we're at the beach or pool but hands are the most exposed to constant sunlight, through driving, etc ... and hands are what carbon dates us!

We just now know too much about everything to have any excuses to do nothing.
We know the #1 skin ager is the sun, followed by stress, smoking and sedate living. Okay, okay...I meant sedentary living... and I suppose one could say that the #1 skin ager will always be... ageing... J

By the way, it doesn't matter how much melanin your skin has, everyone should apply an SPF+ cream...not at the expense of Vitamin D though. That's actually the new big problem in 'western' societies, the result of all this religious SPF application. Vitamin D deficiency.
Lack of Vitamin D is 'normally' a 'common' SE Asian affliction because of that old superiority complex[ion]...

Vitamin D is vital for the proper functioning of our bodies. and it's imperative to get at least 15 minutes of nourishing sunlight absorbed by our 'naked' skin, every day. Best to relegate the sun soak to before 11am and after 3pm, when the sun is not so strong.

We want to age eventually look well loved with a life well lived...not like a sun dried raisin!


| Tex | Fashion Butter said...

that is such a good tip about the sunscreen on the hands!!!

Leia said...

Dear Dusk,
I promise to dutifully follow your advice, if it makes me look as youthful and beautiful as you do "when I grow up" :)

Leah said...

I don't want to look like a raisin. Hahaha! Thanks for the tip... I'm going to bask in the morning sun now.