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Friday, April 23, 2010

Soul Sisters

© theDUSKzone 2010

I had lunch with my best friend today. Hmm...I don't like using that term to describe what she is to me. I prefer soul-sister. My SoS. (besides at my age BF is a bit Gen X dressed as Gen Y! Because the way I dress doesn't say that at all. At. All. Right?)

We've both been so busy lately, we haven't seen each other much although we are always in contact. We both got to the point that we had to see each other. It's been a strange week for everyone. A bit harried, even I succumbed to it.

I say "even I" because I'm usually quite Zen about such things but I've yelled at the kids a bit, okay a lot (teenagers. enough said.), got frustrated with conflicting work commitments, then I found my mind wandering in yoga and wasn't in the mood for Flamenco. gasp. I'm always in the mood for Flamenco. And I snapped at my husband for merely suggesting that I was a bit snappy this week...
*A lot of people have felt the discordant energy. It's a temporary insanity. Astrologically, logically, however you look at it, it's okay, it will pass. [added 2:04am AEST: seems we are all au fait with Mercury's backwards shenanigans. If nothing else, astrology as a spiritual science, serves to remind us how we are all truly connected. I have yet to see/speak/find someone who hasn't felt the retrograde fallout this week.]*

Anyway, when I'm with my SoS, I just feel...calm. Back on track. She grounds me. We energise each other. We have different personalities and yet we are in such harmony. Our differences complete us.

Our ARMmour completes us as well! That's me on the left, SoS on the right and us in the middle

© theDUSKzone 2010 this is me© theDUSKzone 2010 this is us© theDUSKzone 2010 this is my soul sister

...which leads me to this... I am pretty certain we all have others in our lives that we call our best friend / soul sibling do you feel about yourself? Would you have you as your best friend / soul sibling? Are you your own soul sister? Or brother?

Because I believe that in order to truly love an other, you need to love yourself first. To truly trust another, you need to trust yourself first. To enjoy being half of a couple you need to enjoy being the whole of you.

If you stepped out of your body and had to spend time with yourself... would you be in harmony? Would you have fun with yourself? Laugh with yourself? Love yourself? Do you complete yourself?

ps. my husband is my [warning: possible retching danger ahead] soul mate. I wasn't snappy. Just a bit sharp... dulled the pain with laughter and kisses...and an apology. No harm ever comes from admitting you're wrong. Once in a while... J


Vintage Obsession said...

I am in love with your legs more than you :) hotness
Is there a new word i can think ? i have exhausted myself here :-)
P.S strange : had so much Negative happening around me here as well .Strange

Leah said...

I will answer YES to all your questions... I can have fun by myself, laugh at and with myself. Am I complete? I think I am.

But I have a soul sister... my best gay friend who has been my friend since we were 5y/o.

I love your bangles... such a fabulous collection you have there.

PS... not related to your topic at all, but it can be... do you know about mercury retrograde?

bollywoodstylediaries said...

OMG!! i just yelled at my husband/kid yesterday as well as today morning!! who is this mercury and can we shoo it away:-)

I love the first pic - so carefree!!

I need lots of 'me time'. I go out for lunch once a week all by myself..i just sit,read and enjoy the food. ..Having said that, I cannot function without my girl friends. The four of us have been together for the last 15 years, thru lots of breakups, heartaches, marriages as well birth of our first born:-)

And my soul sister/bestest friend is my husband:-)

Walk The Sand said...

Gorgeous post, I love your writing.
And of course I love the awesome bracelet collection here.

Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

I think I am a great bestfriend to myself so I guess that means I am a greta best friend to others?? Cute blog!! I am a new follower!

Dusk said...

Thank you for commenting lovely beings! It's a long weekend here and for the next few days I am computer free... I will respond to your comments and comment on your posts/blogs soon. ♥

Jessica Skeide said...

Omg i love all the bracelets, so fierce:)

FrouFrouu said...

Ah what a beautiful smile you have, lady. You do pink GOOD.

jso style said...

Very beautifully said. :)

Leia said...

I loved this post! I have a few soul sisters who make me feel relaxed and calm, too, but my real soul sister is my mum, I think! I just don't know what I would do without her.

I hope you're feeling better now. Enjoy your long weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love silver and gold together.. and I love your friends hands, she has very defined fingers... gorgeous! ;p xxx ash

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous clever photo!! I really like the way you put everything together!
ps. I'm an ebay fan and regular buyer!

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

I certainly believe *I* could be *my* best friend! A little pompous perhaps, but still true indeed ;).

And awwwww, soulmate! That's really lovely/cute!

I must also agree--I like your writing, also!

The Goddess of Boho said...

Lovely Lady,
I must tell you this, you look so much like Bipasha basu in the pictures.
In a nice way of course.
I'm loving the accessories.

Totally agree with whatever you have to say.
It has been a strangely negative week and it is time to accept that there are higher forces affecting our lives.

lastly there is nothing better that me-time.

I hope life gets back on track for you :)

Have a happy Monday!


SabinePsynopsis said...

Honestly, now I'm confused - I see 2 identical women sitting at that table in the first picture.

Cinderella said...

Okay your blog is addictive just Vintage Obsessions is! I am so glad I came by!

thesydneygirl said...

Oh my goodness!!! So so so so true. Last week was so UP and DOWN with me. Wow I had no idea astrologically that was happening! Good to know it will pass/has passed. I feel better already.

AND, also I agree that to love another, you need to be the whole you and love your own company. I learnt this before I got together with my current boyfriend. It did take me a long time in my teenage years to learn this. I was always trying to 'fill that void'.

LOVE that first piccie. Wow! Your words of wisdom really hit a true note for me.

And - I did read somewhere that Tektite is sacred to India. And what you said explains that. I shall tell my dad (he's Hindu). I was really drawn to that pendant. I like how you said it means I'm ready for the next 'phase'. How exciting!


Hippie Holly said...

Love the post, you have to love you before anybody else can and if you don;t make you laugh and happy no one else can. Love the bangles absolutely gorgeous :))

Tanvi said...

I like this post! It was as if it was written for me and you speaking out loud to me! I would also answer YES! to all your questions and my husband is my best friend! He knows how to heal me or all the pain! :)

stylestalker said...

you look so gorgeous in hot pink x

Dusk said...

Hello lovelies! Thank you for all the wonderful comments/compliments!

Hope everyone is feeling more 'level' now.
...and I love that so many of us do love ourselves in the best way possible. In the worst of times too. Those [Christian] wedding vows should actually be for the Self!

@ GoBoho - I love Bipasha Basu so I'm taking that as a compliment!

@ Sabine - that's me having a laugh with myself!

jso style said...

Dusk, you are so beautiful. I know this is a bit off-tangent, but what's your exercise regime? Please don't say this is all gain without pain.