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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sky Blue I Blue Sky

Confession. Today I dressed with the intention of wearing black and white and running with the week's theme. I tried. I really tried.
I swear my hands just wouldn't grab a hold of anything black nor white.

So [obviously for me] the intention was false. There's a lesson in here somewhere you know. sigh. I'm a slave to my Id...

Twas a sky blue I reached for and ohhhh...what a beautiful blue sky we had today. A glorious day. So glorious I decided. why bother with a skirt? Let's just wear a belt... no... a band-aid. Oh and blue mascara. Because
a) I'm an 80s tragic and
b) eye see blue... J

© the DUSKzone2010© the DUSKzone2010© the DUSKzone2010
© the DUSKzone2010© the DUSKzone2010

[click on the 2nd and 4th pics for close-ups of 80s tragic and sparkly arm candy]

ps. I blame lovely Leah who looked so fresh, delightful and delicious in her denim blue ensemble yesterday.
pps. the late afternoon was golden light...although I do look a bit tandoori legged in the last pic!!

sky blue 'bat-wing' blouse * denim band-aid * 'faces of all colour' bag * denim & leather wedges * colourful bracelet, bangle and ring of which there are no close-ups because I tend to focus on the bigger picture and don't sweat the small stuff but hey, you know... small stuff details are good when they're sparkly!



Leah said...

Hahaha! What denim band-aid? I love your legs lady. Flaunt it more!

I love the outfit... so cool and just perfect! xoxo

Hippie Holly said...

Love the look!! All the blue sure makes for a soothing and summery outfit! Love the bag too :)

Tanvi said...

You have such lovely long legs. I will be repeating myself here, but I really like the postures in your pictures. They display confidence and contentment which I haven't seen around! Inspiring! :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

How could you not go with blue? You look absolutely smashing!

carlyjcais said...

What a beautiful color on you! And the last pic is just exquisite. (Can you really be in your 40's??? You must be lying - you don't look a day over 23!!)
Thanks for your sweet comments re: my ruffled, I definitely didn't hear any jaws dropping as I walked down the street but thanks for saying that anyway! (Probably more people backing away from me as I hacked and coughed my way along...I've had bronchitis for awhile and sound pretty awful.:-) Anyway, I guess you can't tell from the photos!)
Hope you had a lovely day, my dear!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

u look so coquettish in the first pic:-) I love the bag - its reminds me of Andy Warhol..and ur legs are wow!!!


The Goddess of Boho said...

Hawww :O
Such hotness! Such Bloody hotness.
I cannot tll you how much I'm loving the bag!

Leia said...

so pretty, and i am cracking up at the denim band aid!

Emma said...


Vinda Sonata said...

i love leah's style too! she's always so chic!
you look gorgeous. this style fits you very well. blue and denim make a lovely combo. i love the feel of these shots, too!

Katie said...

Can't resist a color like that! It looks gorgeous on you.

Vintage Obsession said...

The blue is absolutely gorgeous ,it merges so well with the sky ,the first and the 4th picture does it for me .
Diva as Always :)

Dusk said...

Thank you for commenting lovely beings! Apologies for being so slack with responding to your comments, I will respond in depth later.
It's a long weekend here and for the next few days I am computer free... I will respond to your comments and comment on your posts soon. ♥

Anonymous said...

ahhh lovely lady, that sky blue has to be one of my favourite colours and looks gorgeous on you xxx ash

Sak said...

hey gorgeous!! I am in my 30s its only better with every the way you dont have to reveal that your age, you look like you are in yre 20's...I have to tell ya U R hot!!

Inspiration in Italy said...

You have an amazing body!! I love your blog, and I'm following! :):)

Dusk said...

@ Carly - hon I think you were too busy coughing to notice because you looked vaVAVOOM!

@ Ash - my sweetness! Thank you!

Thank you @ Sak! I agree and I'm 'proud' to state my age... when I say proud, I mean that I don't get the big deal about ageing. After all, we all get older, no one is 'immune'. The more we treat ageing as a battle, the more we lose.

@ Inspiration in Italy - thank you! I love your blog!

Thank you all for your lovely compliments. As always, I'm humbled and ever so chuffed!