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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

GlamOcean Belt Bag

GlamOcean belt bag by Dusk Devi
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I have been (making and) wearing these bags for a LONG time... and according to Vogue they are de rigueur (again).  Just please don't call them [shudder] "fanny packs" or bum bags. THIS is a belt bag and it's called GlamOcean... inspired by the iridescent turquoise/aquamarine of Fiji waters...

Fiji waters by Dusk Devi Vision
image by me Dec 2012

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fabulously Pink.

'Fabulously Pink' fashion show for breast cancer screening awareness | image by Dusk Devi Vision

‘Fabulously Pink’ is a fashion charity event, showcasing the latest in Indian designer wear and promoting breast cancer screening awareness amongst the Indian and Sri Lankan communities and in general.
The two named communities are amongst the lowest mammogram users in New South Wales, as well as being one of the fastest growing demographics.

I'm not quite sure why this ratio discrepancy exists, from what I have gathered it is considered a stigma. I don't know why, no one can tell me.  Is it yet another feminine 'weakness'?  Like menstruation?  It's our fault we bleed. {insert the sound of dripping sarcasm here}

However, I do believe that all women tend to have a Pollyanna attitude about health, that whole "oh it won't happen to me" (I know I am guilty of it!). 

It may seem strange that a glamourous fashion parade featuring bridal wear is being used to highlight such an intense, serious issue but ‘Fabulously Pink’ is a clever association of things that matter to us; celebration of life and good health AND longevity.
'Fabulously Pink' hopes to help lessen what seems like a race specific stigma associated with breast cancer screening. Glamour is all glitz and glory and getting on with the show right?  It makes everything more palatable*.
(something I need to write about another time. The glamour of public altruism... people are so generous when they're on and for show... )

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'Fabulously Pink' fashion show for breast cancer screening awareness | EthniQ Designer Saree Blouses by Dilini Janaratne | image by Dusk Devi Vision
Model Shivani for EthniQ by Dilini Janaratne

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I get so emoceanal baby...

Sigh... I haven't been to the beach for what feels like MONTHS!  I haven't blogged for weeks (months...) but if you are with me on Instagram and/or my Facebook page then you know that I pretty much live at the beach.

Unfortunately a series of events has kept us (sun, sand, sea and me) apart, namely weeks and weeks and weeks (ETERNITY!) of rain.

I swear that my outfit was not planned, despite the oceanic theme! Sea-quins... coral motif skirt... wave-y neoprene necklace... my submarineconscious  dressed me. 

ps. If you care about such things then I am wearing SS15/15 trends; feature shoulders, obi belts, 'rebellious' stripes. 

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