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Monday, November 10, 2014

STYLE Glambassador...

So... I tripped and landed on the cover of Mai Life STYLE... Fiji and the Pacific's first dedicated fashion and lifestyle magazine!

I am very VERY honoured to be their first cover "glambassador" but don't judge a magazine by its cover [as fab as it is dahling.]... the content, the editorials, the features... STYLE is not just about all things stylish... this magazine is a catalyst AND ahead of the zeitgeist.

This magazine presents a different perspective of Fiji and the Pacific. It is not all just coconuts and coups.

Those of us who are from/have lived in Fiji know there is so much more to this country and to the Pacific in general. It is sophisticated, it is a hub of talent and a hive of productivity AND it is multi cultural. NOT one dimensional.

STYLE is breaking new Pacific ground! It is boundary pushing! Provocative even by international standards!
Its Editor and Creative Director are paying STYLE's reader demographic a huge compliment by talking UP to them, by acknowledging their intelligence and their willingness to expand their awareness.

Just in case you're wondering why anyone would want to put me on the cover of a magazine  I was in the public eye of Fiji for a long time, as a TV and radio personality, singer, producer and model.

Dusk Devi - first covergirl / Glambassador of Mai Life STYLE, Fiji and the Pacific's first dedicated fashion and lifestyle magazine
Dusk Devi. Inaugural STYLE Glambassador. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

You have to believe...

...we are magic... nothing can stand in our way... 
You have to believe we are magic... Don't let your aim ever stray... 

I photographed a magic show last night.  Needless to say, I was THRILLED!  Magicians are notoriously prickly about being photographed and picky about WHO photographs them so being asked is [for me] a huge compliment.
...as for what I wore to photograph, you can't see this but the material of my dress is iridescent, shimmery, changes colours... and I have written this before... the way I dress is like a Cloak of Invisibility.  Yes.  Invisibility.
...people are so busy looking at what I'm wearing, they don't actually look at me looking at them... this leaves me free to observe and absorb...

"There IS magic, but you have to be the magician. YOU have to make the magic happen." - Sidney Sheldon.

I am fascinated by magic. Not just the self-belief the above quote is about but also paranormal magic AND Illusion Magic. 
I wanted to be a magician, a childhood dream, a fantasy that I truly wanted to be reality but I guess I thought that would happen by magic... I don't know why I didn't pursue it.  [I also wanted to be Wonder Woman, a photographer and an adult.  Guess which goal  I seem to have achieved...]
I didn't have many role models to aspire to.  The only female magician I knew of was Adelaide Hermann. She was very famous but people today don't know her. It's quite strange that there are so few female magicians and no one can explain why this is.  Females are naturally theatrical and magical so you think it would be a given.

I haven't given up my dream to be a magician... I'm trying to create magic in my own ways... keeping it real... Magic IS real.  Because reality is magic. Particularly if we create it...

Friday, August 9, 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I usually wake with a song in my head and this morning it was Luscious Jackson’s “Here".  [play it LOUD]

When the negative zeitgeist affects even me (gasp!), my subconscious goes in to combat mode… “here I come, you can’t stop me now"… What I wore yesterday underlines this point. 

As subtle as a battleship.

Dusk Devi | © The Dusk Zone 2013 | All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Wear What I Feel...

...and today I felt like a Tropical Gaucho.

...and later I felt like Tropical Popsicle. Lime and cold... it is winter here after all!

This has been a short and pointless post but dammit it's colourful.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oman: The First Day. Sacred. Intoxicating

July is an awesome time for you to be planning your trip to Oman.  Perhaps you're thinking of a stopover on your way to Europe?
...may I suggest you forget about Europe?  Well, for a while.  Spend at least 10 days in Oman.  It's NOT a side trip.  It IS a destination.

Our first day in Muscat went from the sacred to the sublime... I will expand upon the day later... but here's a glimpse AND see all my Oman images on FLICKR now!

... a Grand Mosque with the grandest of all chandeliers...

... a visit to 'Amouage' HQ... one of the world's most exclusive fragrances...

...followed by more intoxicating aromas and sights and sounds of the Muscat Souq...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Oman Style Files: Princess Layer

Images taken at sunrise at the beautiful Shangri-La Barr Al-Jissah Resort & Spa.

Dressing for Oman - for a Muslim country- was an incredible experience.  Enlightening.  And strangely... empowering.  You know me, this is how I feel about a woman's choice and the way we dress.
However, despite my political stance, I would never flout a religion nor culture and its traditions.

Rebellion is not my thing. It's too conventional.

© The Dusk Zone 2012 | All Rights Reserved

What I'm wearing here is not a traditional Omani dress.  It's my Jedi Kaftan.  Yep.  Every Jedi worth her Force has one.  
I will be posting images of Omani garments... dresses I wear everywhere in Sydney.  
I simply must share with you how I get treated when I am wearing these and my Omani accessories*.  NOT what you would expect... if we're going to assume that a western country doesn't respond well to 'ethnic' garb. 

(...but I do wear sarees and traditional Indian accessories anyway so I don't consider this "daring".  Puhlease. )

Apart from not flouting cultural rules, I also had no wish to get in to trouble so I made sure I was covered head to toe!  It wasn't that necessary, One member of our travel party went around in shorts and a t-shirt, which was actually wrong and considering she is a veteran of the travel industry, rather oblivious.  
I advise you NOT to do this.  She got very angry looks everywhere she went and if not for the fact that we were with guides, I do think she may have gotten in to some serious trouble.

Oman is not quite as harsh as the other Arab countries but DO respect their cultural laws.  COVER your ankles and from your elbows up.  Regardless of how hot you feel and actually, covering up like this protects you from the heat.  Stops your body losing moisture. 
It was a bit alien to me at first to do this, to cover up in such heat.  Even when I lived in Indonesia, I did not have to be this covered. 

However, I did enjoy layering my usual layers further to create an 'extended' version of my style. 
...I must confess... I did think this would render me invisible but... quite the opposite.  

Many of my pre conceived notions have been shattered since Oman, there and here. In Oman, one MAJOR one was how women are treated. With the utmost respect, deference and regard.

Oman.  Not as black and white as you think...

© The Dusk Zone 2012 | All Rights Reserved

....and here I am caught mid-action by the gorgeous Edwina...

Dusk Devi at the Shangri-La Al Husn, Muscat, Oman | Dusk Devi Vision

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oman: It Dawned On Me...

This is what I waited for... spectacular yes?

If you read the previous post you know that we had checked in quite late and I was intoxicated by the aroma of Oman. A heady combination of frankincense, Omani coffee and ... adventure.

We checked in to the Shangri-La Barr Al-Jissah Resort & Spa around 2am.  For the first part of our famil*, we were accommodated at the luxurious Al Husn.
Just in case you didn't know, Shangri-la means a place of bliss... and Shangri-La Al Husn most certainly is this!  But more on Shangri-La later...


Side Trip of a Lifetime. UNDERstatement.

One month ago I had just landed in the Sultanate of Oman.  The first thing that attacked my excess baggage of preconception was the smell.  No.  The aroma.  Oman smells beautiful.

About my preconceptions?  Not so much preconception as lack of expectation.  Oh wow did that get shattered in a big way...
About excess baggage?  well... yeah, I'm not a light packer.  I am talking about luggage now.  This isn't a metaphor.

Here we are, upon arrival.  WE are from left to right; Meagan Patroni (former PR for Tourism Oman), me, Brooke, Amy, Daisy and Ben.
That's my luggage in front of Meagan and that's Brooke's bag in front of her. Uh-huh. Brooke took a 7kg bag. For 9 days.  I took 27kg with me in The Pink Beast, my suitcase that has made taxi drivers quake the world over.  Which one of us is the good packer depends on your point of view... I like to be prepared for every eventuality.

© The Dusk Zone 2013 | All Rights Reserved

"WE" are Social Media Ambassadors, bloggers chosen by Tourism Oman for our reach on social media, skills, abilities and travel experience.  Brooke, Amy, Daisy and Ben are seasoned travel bloggers.  This was my first 'famil' but not my last.  Hopefully!

Tourism Oman very generously sent us to the Sultanate of Oman mid-March to experience Oman firsthand and share our experiences with our audience via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our blogs.  I can safely say I speak for all when I say Oman had a lasting effect on all of us.

Oman is not really considered a destination, it is a "side trip of a lifetime", a stop over on ones way to or fro Europe.  WRONG.  Oman IS a destination and yeah, you know I'm going to say it... it's a journey.

It's taken me a while to decide HOW I want to write about Oman.  Do I pick a day, topic or an experience and write at random?  Do I condense my 9 days of bliss in 3 big posts? How does one do that??
I decided to start at the beginning, to share with you what I experienced, how I experienced it. In my voice.  Day by day.  This means there will be a lot of posts.  A lot of looong posts.

I felt a profound connection to Oman.  The tendrils of Oman's beautiful aroma curled around my senses and bound me to this country...

Stay in the zone... this day hasn't ended... we checked in to our 'homebase' the Shangri-La's Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa (Al Husn Hotel) around 2am after a 19 hour flight (including a 5 hour stopover in Thailand) and I did not sleep.  This is why... I knew it was worth staying up...




Thursday, March 28, 2013

Side Trip of a Lifetime...

Hello lovelies... well... I have been away for a while... physically from theDUSKzone but mentally I'm always in the zone... and thank YOU for being in the zone with me.  It's boring without you :)

I truly do have so much to share... I have been tripping the light fantastic... and have just come back from the most AMAZING trip... I am hanging out to share my experiences with you... my stories, my images... my feelings!  Yikes!  Feelings!

It was a "side trip of a lifetime"... BUT... really, this was a TRIP of a lifetime and a major destination...  click to begin your adventure... then come back!

Before I start sharing the real good juicy stuff... you might want to peruse (or skim) the images on my Instagram or my Facebook page.

See you soon...

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